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Video Marketing Vs. Content Marketing – Which One Is Better?

When we talk about online marketing, the first thing that comes to mind is content, but do you know who the king of content is? Videos, yes, you got it right. Since the last couple of years, people have started using video content more frequently and think of it as a vital component of their marketing strategy.

Video and written content continue to grow as an excellent tool to increase your brand awareness which helps boost your sales and click-through rate. Both are useful methods to build your brand and reach your target audience.

But, many people are confused as to which one is better: Video marketing or content marketing. Let us look into the insights about both of them so that it becomes easier to decide.

What is Video Content Marketing?

Video content marketing is when the company creates video content for improving its profile online. In today’s digitalized world, video marketing has become an inevitable part as videos are a unique and highly effective method to engage with your audience. According to a recent study, 87% of businesses use video as a marketing tool. If done the right way, it can be a powerful method for brands to spread their message in a way that is accessible to a huge audience.

Reasons to invest in video marketing

Increased conversion and sales

If you are advertising for a new product or service, then by shooting a video, you can demonstrate it to users and show them how it works. It helps improve customer engagement and gives a lift to the conversion rate.

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You would be amazed to know that more than 50% of people favor video marketing over content marketing. Thus, by using an online video editor, you would be able to create appealing and high-quality videos in a couple of minutes.

Video generates high engagement

The major reason people use video content is that it is more engaging than other content formats. People are visual learners; therefore, creating videos can help get customers’ attention quickly and efficiently.

People are more curious to watch videos and are likely to watch them till the end if they find the first few seconds interesting.

Videos are appealing

If the videos are created in the right way, they are visually enticing to the viewers. Using nice visuals is more likely to get users’ attention, which automatically builds a positive connection with the brand and encourages further action.

Usually, people choose to watch 10-15 seconds videos rather than reading the content simultaneously, as videos make it easier to understand the product. According to a report from HubSpot Research, more than 50% of consumers want to see videos from brands more than any other type of content.

Videos have a good ROI

The ROI from videos would depend on numerous factors such as the quality of your videos, content placement, effects used, etc.

People think that creating videos is a time-consuming and expensive process, but nowadays, there are various video editing software available with which you would be able to create high-quality videos in seconds. Videos are more than just a trend now, and they are the future of powerful and effective marketing.

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Increases your reach

Video marketing is generally considered more beneficial than content marketing; in spite of this, there are many businesses that still don’t use video marketing. Including videos in marketing strategy can help users understand what you do and how your product works.

It creates interest and captivates attention to your brand, plus videos are easily shareable. They are more likely to get viral; you rarely see this happening with the content. Thus, video content can expand your reach and expose you to a new market to become your potential customers.

Drawbacks of video marketing

Here are some of the cons of video marketing-

  • Video production is relatively expensive.
  • Producing good-quality videos takes time.
  • It’s not easy to update videos.

Reasons to Invest in content marketing

Content marketing goes well with a lot of customers as it is created as per their needs and requirements. For example, when a plus-size female reads an article that breaks stereotypes, she would certainly read it, connect to it and share it with others.

Personalization is the major reason why numerous brands prefer content marketing as; if it is done correctly, it leads to increased conversions in no time.

Let us check out the reasons why content marketing should be chosen-

  • Easier to create

Written content is simpler to create than video content. Creating videos requires editing, filming, exporting, and whatnot, whereas a blog post can be written in a few days. This is the major reason why many people choose blogs over videos for small announcements and videos for big announcements.

  • Written content is inexpensive
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Budget is a big concern, particularly for small businesses. When you opt for content marketing, all you need to pay is for the content writer’s salary, but with videos, you need a lot more than that, which is why it is an expensive marketing strategy. As long as your content is great, you can get more traffic and attention to your site.

  • Written content is reusable

It is pretty easy to reuse written content as all you need is to make some changes as per the platform you are posting it on. For example, if you have posted content on Facebook, you can use it on Instagram as well by just adding some hashtags, on Twitter by shortening it, etc. But with videos, you will have to do complete work by cutting it and editing it again.

  • Text is more SEO-friendly

It is not possible to put keywords through a video, but you can do it with written content, which helps increase your ranking on Google. Written content has a higher probability of being viewed using keywords than a video.

Drawbacks of content marketing

  • Internet is saturated with written content
  • It is plain and less alluring
  • Not everyone is a good reader
  • Tough to emphasize a few points

Who wins? Video Marketing or Content Marketing?

This has been an ongoing debate for a couple of years now. The truth is that more than 70% of marketers are using video marketing as it helps generate good ROI. But, which platform suits you would depend on your business requirements and budget. In fact, you can also pair them to get even better results.

What strategy would you choose?

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