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Latest Marketing Trends for Advertisers via Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is growing every year. 2020 was different for everyone due to pandemic and lockdowns. In this post, we will tell you more about the insider trends for digital marketing. For instance, we will talk about the Twitch live streams and how to get high quality Twitch followers in a short period of time.

Digital Marketing for Real Estate

Real estate and digital marketing go hand-in-hand.Digital marketing for real estateallows developers to not just speak to their consumers also The idea indigital marketing for real estateis to engage your prospects in the best way possible.

What Is NTREIS ?

NTREIS (North Texas Real Estate Information Systems) is a multiple listing service (MLS) in North Texas that provides real estate data and services to its members, which include real estate agents, brokers, and other real estate professionals. The organization collects, maintains, and distributes information on properties for sale and rent, as well as other real estate-related data, such as property tax records and market statistics. This information is used by its members to help buyers and sellers make informed decisions about real estate transactions.

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Business interest in advertising is growing among micro-bloggers.

Users began to trust bloggers with millionaires less, realizing that they would advertise anything for money. The microblog has more confidence in the post (especially if the ad is native).

For business, this is a plus – for the price of one post or story from a millionaire, you can order advertising from several micro influencers.

There will be more user-generated content.

This trend echoes the previous one. The user is more likely to believe the reaction of his friend to the product than the advertisement on the page of the conditional Dzharakhov or Buzova. Businesses need to embrace this trend and motivate users to create such content.

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* User generated content is when customers themselves talk about your product, advertise it for free or for a bonus (for example, for a discount).

Communication with customers and subscribers will become more socially oriented.

Customers care about the value of your product or company, not just what you sell and how. Accordingly, posts should touch on socially important topics, talk more about the “pain” of clients and how to solve them, take part in events, do charity work and post content on this topic.

Improvement and new application of AR/VR technologies.

In the coming years, we will see the development of augmented reality technologies, especially AR masks. More complex, functional, interactive masks will appear, new cases of the successful application of AR / VR technology in marketing will appear.

A good example of the use of augmented reality is the IKEA Place application, which allows you to “virtually” place goods from the IKEA catalog in your home, and Wanna Kicks, a virtual fitting room for sneakers. These examples are implemented as separate applications, but some brands have already got the opportunity to create similar “fitting rooms” on Instagram using AR masks.

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Longreads on Instagram.

In November 2020, the “Guides” function appeared on Instagram, which allows you to combine several publications on one topic, create collections and guides – a kind of longreads.

There is a possibility that in 2021 or later the limit of 2,000 characters on Instagram posts will be expanded, which will allow creating longreads in the text of publications. At least, there is definitely a demand for such a function – now the continuation of a long text has to be placed in the gallery in the form of pictures.

More bright “tasty” visuals in social networks.

Social media feeds are oversaturated with content – your post can be scrolled through without even reading it, so you need to create a vivid eye-catching visual to make you want to stop, look at the picture in more detail, and read the text. More views in 2021 and beyond will see brands focusing on content design.

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