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6 Facts About Pet Insurance: What Makes for the Best Plan

Pet ownership is meant to add to our lives with fun, friendship, and memories. But there are also responsibilities that come with owning a pet, including insurance.

Hearing this can cause some pet owners to worry or yawn with boredom, but we’re here to make things simple. Here are six facts about pet insurance you should know, including some tips on what makes for the best plan.

1. The Usual Insurance Terms are Familiar

Take what you already know about health insurance (for humans) and apply it to the world of pets. For the most part, the equation is the same, and so are the key terms.

With pet insurance, you shop for a plan, find the right level of coverage for your pet, pay a monthly premium, then file a claim when it’s time to visit the vet.

The good news is that pet insurance costs way less than any type of medical coverage for you and your family, so you don’t have to worry about another big monthly bill. Some pet insurance companies like Bivvy offer coverage from $15 per month and can protect your pet in case of an accident or illness.

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2. Cover All the Basics

New pet owners may be eager to add a dog or cat to the family, expecting nothing but adventures and cuddling on the couch. But the reality is that all pets face health problems and risks, and your pet insurance plan should cover the full spectrum of issues that may occur.

Annual visits to the vet are just the beginning. Your plan pet insurance plan should take care of everything from dental and behavioral needs to prescription food, antibiotics, accident recovery, cancers and tumors, and even allergies.

You don’t want to be left wondering whether your insurance plan has any gaps or ambiguities since the costs can be catastrophic.

Put in the research and understand the complete risk analysis for your pet before committing to a plan. That extra effort up front will be worth it.

3. Watch Out for Add-Ons and Limitations

Most pet insurance premiums and deductibles shouldn’t be a financial burden for owners, but you can’t skip the fine print when browsing for policies.

This is where pet insurance varies slightly from “people insurance”, as many companies sneak extras fees into the picture. Other providers have a complex set of limits and exclusions based on your pet’s age or new conditions.

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With pets, there are tons of variables including breed, ages, and existing issues. Look for plans that don’t limit coverage benefits based on these factors, and you can set aside any worries moving forward.

4. Filling Claims Should Be Simple

If you have any direct experience with insurance companies, you know that filing claims can be messy. The last thing you want is to waste time and energy filing a claim for your pet when you have a long to-do list ahead of you.

That’s why you should review the claim-filing process of every provider before locking into a plan. The process should be quick, easy, and intuitive – ideally with minimal paperwork.

The best pet insurance providers let you submit a claim online with an uploaded image of your vet bill and relevant medical details. From there you just submit the claim, sit back, and wait for your check or direct deposit to come through.

5. Preventive Care Matters Too

Smart pet owners are always thinking a step ahead, rather than waiting for a worst-case scenario. This is why more companies are offering preventive care packages for pets that keep your furry friends ahead of any health issues year-round.

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This way, you won’t have to be left wondering about check-ups as your pet navigates the early stages of development or advances in age. Once again, just a small monthly payment can save you tons of money long term.

6. The Point is to be Stress-Free!

Insurance is all about attaining peace of mind as you bring a new pet into your family. The world’s best pet insurance providers understand this and want to make things easy as possible, every step of the way.

This includes crafting a policy that fits your pet’s lifestyle and your budget, simple claim filing, complete coverage, no hidden fees, and great customer support throughout.

With all that taken care of, you can focus on what counts: living life to the fullest with your pets.

Get Pet Insurance That’s Built for You

As pet insurance becomes more popular around the world, there are plenty of options to choose from. However, you’ll quickly realize that many companies tend to overcharge or lack transparency in their policies.

The good news is that the power is in your hands as a policy buyer, and you now have a set of criteria you can count on when shopping around. Keep this guide handy when picking a policy and you’ll be covered in full, no matter what.

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