Market Research

Why Market Research Can Be Challenging

The goal of any business is to manufacture goods and services, sell them, make profits, and grow as much as possible. Yet making products and services is never the first step in business. Many things need to happen before a company can manufacture efficiently, sell successfully, and grow economically.

One of such things is market research. It is best understood as a keen exercise to learn about their target customers and market. Smaller and new companies may need it to overcome the precarious period of starting a business and finding customers as soon as possible. In comparison, older and bigger companies may need market research to help identify new markets and opportunities to break into an existing market.

Today, we will look at what exactly market research is, why companies do it (in specific terms), the challenges that companies encounter while carrying out market research, and the possible solutions.

What is Market Research?

Statistics have it that most businesses do not survive past the fifth year in business. And the reason for this is simple – most of them do not conduct proper market research before starting a business.

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So what then is market research? Market research can be defined as a series of steps to identify your target customers and market correctly. And conducting has been identified as one of the most crucial requirements for any company that intends to successfully penetrate the market, increase sales and revenue, and outgrow its competition.

It is seen as an inefficient practice to commerce production without first identifying the target market. Some of the most effective steps include having conversations with a look-alike audience and carrying out quick surveys.

Why is Market Research Essential For Companies?

As described above, market research is an essential step that every company must take now and then but below are specific reasons why it is important for businesses:

To Help Identify Opportunity

The market always holds several opportunities, but you would never know unless you seek them through market research. Aside from helping you see who exactly you are trying to reach with your brand, proper market research allows you to see the new gaps or vacancies in the market and how you can tailor your goods and service to cover these opportunities.

To Develop Well-Tailored Goods and Services

No brand has ever truly succeeded by simply dishing out products on assumptions. Market research allows you to see who needs your products, where they are needed, and the extent of demand. Following this, you may then centre your manufacturing process to satisfy these needs.

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This also helps to ensure that you give the most satisfaction to your customers.

To Lower Business Risks

As stated above, guessing and assumptions cannot be used to make goods and services. At best, they help you make a few sales, and at worst, they ruin your entire business completely.

The best way to reduce the risk of doing business and increase profitability is to conduct comprehensive market research.

To Beat The Competition

Chances are, there are more than a few businesses out there producing the same goods and services you produce. This means they are likely gunning for the same group of customers. To outdo them and make your brand the preferred customer choice, you will need to understand the customer better and satisfy them more readily. All these can only be possible after intensive market research.

Main Challenges of Market Research

Market research is a valid ingredient, but the challenges are equally valid too. No brand ever goes to conduct market research without encountering one form of challenge or the other. Below are some of the main challenges:


Depending on where the companies are located, some regions may be partially or completely inaccessible for them. This is called geo-restriction, and it aims to prevent some users from accessing websites and content in certain spaces by simply using their internet protocol (IP) address to deduce their physical location.

When a brand is restricted this way, it becomes impossible to conduct market research in certain parts of the world.

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Fast Internet Connection

Market research needs to happen quickly so that the results can be quickly gathered to initiate production. This means the online activities for conducting the research must be done very quickly. All of these depend on a fast internet connection which can become a problem when the brand uses an unreliable provider.


A proper market research solution needs to be easily scalable. This is because market trends and content seem always to be changing and evolving, and a solution that cannot keep up with these by scaling along can easily become a challenge.

Solutions to Help Overcome These Challenges

Amongst the possible solutions for overcoming the challenges of market research, the most probable one is the use of proxies.

Proxies have proven to be very effective tools as they can easily bypass geo-restrictions, provide faster internet communications, and scale up to meet website changes, content upgrades while keeping up with emerging market trends.

For instance, to carry out market research in Australia, you would need a proxy Australia to handle all the above challenges and make work easier. If you consider conducting market research in Australia, you should visit this website to learn more about proxy Australia.


There is not a lot that a brand can achieve without regular market research. And even though businesses usually encounter challenges on their way, using a proper proxy is enough to dispel these challenges.

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