Instagram Story Tips

Go Viral on the Gram: 4 Need-To-Know Instagram Story Tips

Wondering why your stories seem to consistently fall flat? Don’t even know how to use Instagram stories and optimize your account even more? Instagram stories are an integral part of Instagram now, and knowing how to use them and how to make yours pop is crucial to becoming popular on the app.

Some of the Instagram story tips may feel basic, but you have to walk before you can run. And once you know how to work the general settings, you can start doing a lot more than just run.

Be Intentional

While your Instagram story doesn’t disappear after 24-hours, you still want to be intentional with what you share. The point is to gain views and engage with those who are watching.

Are you sharing any old thing that happened to you or that you saw on your feed? Or are you specifically sharing things that work with your audience and other viral posts people would enjoy?

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You also don’t want to go overboard with your stories. Be concise and direct, and don’t share entire novels. You have more of the space to write things on posts.

Stories are here for a shorter time so should include content that is easier to digest. The ideal Instagram story size isn’t longer than the allotted amount.

Use Stories to Connect

If you’re trying to take a story viral, you need to have good connections with others on Instagram. Start using your account to engage with others and interact with them through your stories as well.

You can take other users and share their posts in your own stories. It only takes one reshare from a popular account to boost your own.

Understand the Basics

When you are first learning about how to use Instagram stories, you may not know how to do a lot. Learn all of the basics, including how to add music to Instagram story or how to add a link to Instagram story. These will help your story be more engaging, and help you start to better use the feature overall.

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You should also know how to see who is looking at your story and how to repost other popular posts onto your story. Some of the privacy info about what you post can be found inthis article. Knowing about your audience and who is actually watching your stories all the way through can help you better cater to them and gain more followers.

Instagram story isn’t the same as posting on your main feed, and there are plenty of extras to learn. When you have the main features down you can start to expand your repertoire and let your stories shine.

Get Creative

Instagram has a lot of capabilities you may not realize. There are all sorts of things you can do, including on your stories. You can change the shape of pictures (not just the size), use a font that is multiple different shades, and even use a greenscreen thanks to filters.

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Don’t shy away from trying new things and taking the time to enhance your stories and learn more secrets to how Instagram works. Read up on the algorithm and find out more tricks to work around or with it so your stories are seen and enjoyed by more and more users.

Top Instagram Story Tips

Think outside the box while utilizing what’s already in the box. Instagram story tips start with understanding how stories work and go to knowing how to do more than the average user. Go above and beyond while still sharing content that users love and look forward to from your account.

It can take some time for your stories to start showing the views you want, but if you put in the effort, you can gain attention. Keep your stories current and don’t stop posting because you don’t see numbers. And if this gave you some new ideas for your Instagram, keep reading our blog for more good tricks.

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