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What Does Your Vape Juice Consist Of?


Vaping has become a recent phenomenon over the past few years and is not unfamiliar to most people in our current society. Now, it’s easier than ever to get vape pens. In fact, you can buy elf bar from the link provided.

You might have also heard of e-juice or vapour-liquid, which all carries the same meaning as vape juice. Vape juice can be used in a huge selection of all kinds of vaporisers, and also exists in a wide number of different flavours.

Vape juice is known for its extensive range of flavours, which you can choose from based on your personal preferences. The juice also has very different amounts of nicotine, which you can customise and choose based on what you prefer. For those who do not wish to consume any nicotine in their juice, you can also opt for juice containing zero nicotine. Vape juice is made up of mainly vegetable glycerin (VG) and propylene glycol (PG), but they also contain traces of additional ingredients such as water, nicotine and food flavouring. If you’re interested in finding out more about what vape juice contains, keep reading!

What Does Vape Juice Contain

You may be surprised by the extensive range of vape juice flavours that are available for you to choose from. With interesting sweet options such as certain ice cream flavours, brownies, jolly ranchers, to even savoury options like ketchup. Sounds strange right? These flavourings, coupled with the doses of nicotine and other food-grade products make up around 10% of all the ingredients in vape juice. The concentration of the rest of the 90% of the juice product would contain PG or VG fluid.

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Propylene Glycol (PG)

What is propylene glycol? PG is known to be the most well-known ingredient that is contained in refills and consumer products and acts as a humidifier. It is used widely in pharmaceuticals, and also in food products.

The reasons for its popularity can be attributed to its ease of ingestion and can be easily brushed on products such as vape juices. Propylene glycol is very useful when it comes to the enhancement of flavourings, with one of its perks being that it is able to leave a stronger taste at the back of one’s throat. Also, propylene glycol is less dense compared to VG and presents less as a health risk to humans.

PG can also perform like alcohol while being odourless and can be slightly sweet in its taste. It is also known to be an ingredient in antifreeze, but actually only exists in trace amounts.

Vegetable Glycerin (VG)

Another popular ingredient that is contained in vape juice is vegetable glycerin, which, like vegetable glycerin, also makes up 80%-90% of vape juice. Some vape juice producers would tend to choose vegetable glycerin over propylene glycerin due to the fact that it can deliver bigger and denser vapour clouds which some users may prefer. Also, VG is not toxic and has no colour or smell to it.

Vegetable glycerin is actually alcohol, but is being made without using any oil-based products, and made of only vegetables. As it has only more recently been popularised and incorporated, many older users may find it slightly more tricky to use as compared to the older forms of vaping. The production of vapour is done slightly differently and hence would need some time getting used to. VG is also contained in different forms of medicines, and there has been scientific research and proof done to show that VG also has its long term effects.

Food-grade flavourings

Vape juice is known for its extensive flavours, with some being even delicious in nature. As mentioned earlier, VG and PG are both rather flavourless in nature, only acting as a base. The flavours of vape juice come from food-grade flavourings that can be mixed together to create a certain flavour.

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Some of you may think that food-grade flavourings contain many different additives that may be toxic for inhalation. However, the food industry has been in continuous stages of development, and they have now been able to successfully remove many additives that are not suitable and safe to inhale. For example, ingredients such as diacetyl were removed as an ingredient from vape juice. These flavours exist in small concentrations in the overall percentage of vape juice to create a certain flavour. Together, these ingredients are combined to create interesting flavours such as cookies or birthday cake.


In general, vaping liquids usually contain a form of nicotine and can exist as a form of flavouring which will help to curb a person’s nicotine craving without needing to use tobacco. The ingredient nicotine can also enhance the flavour of how the E-juice will hit the user’s throat.

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Although nicotine has a bad reputation, it is actually a very safe drug to use. In fact, the harm that smoking cigarettes causes is due to the burning of tobacco in cigarettes. Vaping is known to be the safest way to consume nicotine, and you are definitely less likely to obtain the harmful effects that cigarettes can cause. Smoking has been correlated to resulting in a high number of deaths in countries every year, so it is definitely discouraged to smoke.

How to choose an E Juice?

So, how do you go about choosing the right E juice for yourself? First, it depends on the objectives you have in mind when using a vape. For most users, the biggest draw of vaping would be the ability to choose their favourite flavour, though some motivation may also come from wanting to quit smoking, or being able to produce large vapour clouds.

Should you vape or smoke?

From an objective health standpoint, the choice is obvious. As you have read from the above article, smoking cigarettes definitely has more harmful effects than vaping. A little known fact is that a single cigarette contains up to 4000 chemicals, and almost 43 of them are also known to be carcinogenic. This means that it can cause cancer in the long term. Hence, we definitely recommend choosing to vape over smoking.


Now that you know all the components that are involved in vaping, you can now decide for yourself if choosing to vape is the right option for you!

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