Tennis king in India

Tennis king in India

Perhaps tennis is not the most popular sport in India. You can explore the 1xBet live tennis scores now and follow a wide range of matches taking place all over the world. Yet, this hasn’t prevented some excellent players from emerging in that part of the world.

A tennis player that can be considered as the Tennis King in India is Leander Paes. He has an impressive curriculum with a ton of achievements. For example, he is considered as one of the best doubles players ever. His achievements can clearly support that. The most accurate live tennis scores are on 1xBet, and also feature entertaining matches played in doubles format.

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Lots of achievements

Paes was probably not the most famous singles player. In fact, his top ATP ranking in singles was 73, which he reached in 1998. His true abilities were put to test in doubles, where he basically did incredible things. When doubles matches are played, don’t forget to visit the website and explore all the pre-match wagering options available.

Some of the things that Leander Paes achieved during his spectacular career were:

  • winning 54 tournaments in doubles;
  • winning eight Grand Slams, also in doubles;
  • winning a Bronze medal in the 1996 Summer Olympics as a singles player;
  • and also winning the men’s double and mixed double’s trophy in Wimbledon in 1999.
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The 1xBet online bookmaker can also be visited in order to wager on a wide range of doubles tennis tournaments played all over the world. The achievements obtained by Paes don’t end there. His spectacular feats could easily fill a book.

A powerhouse of the Davis Cup

Leander Paes has also participated in the Davis Cup both as a player and as a captain. His performances in that competition are also impressive. Don’t forget that you can also find horse racing betting at 1xBet, which can be an excellent idea to do while enjoying the best tennis matches.

Paes has the achievement of winning the most doubles Davis Cup matches. He obtained 43 victories in general, which also makes him one of the best players ever to take place in this tennis competition.
The player also had a long career. It lasted between 1991 and 2021. He originally intended to retire in 2020 after the Summer Olympics of that year. However, since those games were delayed until 2021, he also decided to delay his final retirement. It is highly unlikely to see another doubles player of this quality anytime soon. You can also find betting on horse racing events at the 1xBet online bookmaker, which, like tennis, also offers lots of competitions where punters can wager.

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