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As Noticed TU, Their Employees Determined One of the Leading Forex Brokers

Since Forex (verbatim Foreign Exchange) is a worldwide interbank currency exchange market, where, as a rule, trade is carried out at free prices, it is important for traders to find a reliable broker who will help carry out all necessary operations in accordance with all instructions and rules.

The main obligations of brokerage companies

Probably every TU conclusion always focuses attention on the main criteria of brokers.

Firstly, such companies must ensure absolute security of personal data and property of their customers, be it money or goods.

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Secondly, experts usually note that they also check the investment activity and payment commissions of all candidate companies. After that, they find the best intermediary for both novice and professional traders.

The prime brokerage platform for each trader’s class

UT specialists came to the conclusion that the best forex broker candidate isFXPro trading.

It is known, that the company was registered in 2006 in Cyprus, is licensed by global financial regulators such as the South African FSCA, Bahamas SCB, FCA (Great Britain) and CySEC (Cyprus). The company operates in more than 170 countries for both categories of the client base quite successfully. The main advantage of the FXPro broker is the provision of trading instruments for energy, various metals and gold, agricultural products, etc. In addition, the company is awarded (received about 85 awards), which indicates its regularity. Due to this broker, traders can work with about 70 currency units, shares of social platforms on the Internet (Apple, Google, Twitter), as well as futures. By the way, this firm has a high security level.

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According tothis Traders Union articlestatistics, written in the article, a large number of traders from Vietnam, Brazil, United Kingdom, South Africa, United States, Germany, Malaysia and other countries cooperate with this brokerage platform.

As for the additional advantages for traders, connected with FXPro brokerage company, they also include:

  1. Access to verified advisors.
  2. The protection of the client against the reduction of the balance on the real account is considered a unique service of this brokerage company, because the essence is the system of possible risk management, in the automated monitoring of each transaction. And thanks to this, the client’s capital does not fall into the red.
  3. A full package of services regardless of the account balance.
  4. A reliable trading environment provided by acompetent of the research and educational department
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