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Social Media Algorithms: What Are They and How They Work

Social media is now ingrained in our culture and everyday life. Not only the established social media networks are getting users every day but new platforms such as TikTok are also getting subscribers that are outranking the other networks. The point to ponder is how does social media rank the content and what algorithms are used to get the work done. The bad part is that the algorithms are changing with every passing day, so it is very challenging for the marketers to get the work done consistently. If you want to succeed on social media, a good idea would be to get help from a reputable IG growth service or other similar services that are all about knowing these algorithms.
These algorithms decide how your content will rank on social media and how your ads will be shown, so getting to know them is crucial.

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Facebook is undoubtedly the largest social media network in the world. Certain ranking signals are related to Facebook. The most important ones are

  • Popularity
  • Content-Type
  • Relationship
  • Recent

But this is not all as the algorithm keeps on changing with every passing day. Without proper planning and strategy, it is not possible to rank your organic posts. If you want to work in the best manner with this algorithm, then make sure that:

  • Build Connections
  • Getting reactions others than likes only
  • Facebook Stories
  • Going live on Facebook
  • External Content that is not misleading


The algorithm of Pinterest is based on:

  • Topic Relevancy
  • Quality
  • Domain Quality
  • Pinner Quality
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The content is ranked based on past interactions and how it has provided relevance on the platform. The interest-based algorithm is a major and deciding factor in this regard. Pinterest shows you the posts that are around:

  • Your Interest Values
  • Ads testing based on these values
  • Make sure that your product is helping the customers

The visual content that you create can intrigue the users then Pinterest is the platform that you will have to go with.


The popularity of this platform has exploded, and it is done within no time. People and celebrities from all over the world are fond of this platform and the reach is ever increasing. The algorithm is based on:

  • User Interaction
  • Hashtags and captions
  • Device and account settings that have country and language
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The platform loves good video content and for the same reason, it is one of the platforms that will get your business a boost that is required. It is a valuable platform for marketers that want to engage youngsters with good content.


The keys to tapping in the algorithm are as follows:

  • Use Hashtags that generate results
  • Video Content is more optimized by LinkedIn as compared to Text
  • Comments as compared to just liking the posts
  • For how long content is searched and seen on this platform
  • Use LinkedIn ads to engage your user base
  • Using analytics to check what is happening
  • Network building by engaging the right people in your industry and making sure that you get the relevant recommendations.
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