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How To Write a Guest Post Pitch Email That Gets Replies?

An average email account holder receives 121 emails each day. And that’s what data from 2015 tells us. Current data isn’t available because probably people are just tired of counting the storm of emails that get delivered to their inboxes each day.

The open rate, however, for emails stands at a humble 21%.

The rest? They are simply ignored. Or sent to the junk folder.

67% of editors said in a survey that every email pitch that they receive was worth putting in the trash.

Your guest post pitch email would suffer the same fate if you don’t follow the industry best practices.

Getting quality guest posts services from an expert remains the simplest way to get the benefits of guest posting without having to deal with proportionate hassles.

If you are a proud member of the DIY team and want to pitch your guest post to webmasters on your own, here’s the guide you need.

If you are sure you know everything that is there to know about guest posting, skip straight to the Writing a Subject Line section.

Those who don’t mind a quick refresher, read on.

Guest Posting Basics: Learn Before You Pitch


When you post a blog on your own website, it is called blogging. But when you write a post for a third-party website and get it published under your name with an author bio, it is called guest blogging. You can get best guest blogging services to promote your business.


Anyone and everyone can be a guest blogger. You just have to be an expert who the blog’s audience would want to listen to. And yes, you need to get your guest blog pitch approved. (More on that soon!)


Guest blogging is an often-used, rather exploited, link-building technique. When you write something for someone else’s website, they let you use (usually one) link to your own domain or social media profiles.

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But, that’s just a tiny part of what guest posting can help you achieve. Other than the link, you also get exposure and referral traffic. People learn about you, and if they like your thoughts/ideas/opinions/insights they’d connect with you. It is great for both personal and business branding.


The usual process of getting your guest blog published on a site includes three steps.

You send an email guest post pitch → If the pitch gets approved you write a quality guest post → After review your guest post gets published on the third-party site.

Now before you can reap the benefits of guest posting or even write a killer guest post, you have to get your email pitch approved.

How to write a guest post pitch email that gets opened and replied to?

It depends on who is writing the pitch, who would be reading it, what the topic of the guest post is, and what niche we are talking about. Personalization is the key.

But there are some other surefire ways that will help you succeed. And that’s exactly what you’ll find ahead.

Writing A Subject Line That Gets Your Email Opened

To get replies to your pitch email, you need them to get opened first. A good subject line will ensure that.

Before we tell you what to do, here’s what not to do: try to shorten your subject line to make it smartphone-friendly.

Most editors and webmasters check their website emails on desktops. (Who’d want open work emails on their phones?!) So even if your subject line has more than a couple of words, it is great as long as those words are relevant, are not clickbait, and make sense.

Also, platforms and websites that frequently accept guest post contributions often have guidelines published on their site. The guidelines also include what subject line you should use. If there is a guideline, stick to what it says.

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If not, get creative. But be simple and straight to the point. And make sure your subject clearly denotes that it is a guest post pitch.

Email Body Content: The Real Deal

This is your chance to put your points forward and elicit a reply from the reader.

If there is a guideline about how you should pitch your idea, follow it religiously. If you don’t follow a guest post pitch guideline, how do you expect them to believe you’ll follow their guest posting guidelines?

If you don’t find a guideline, we have a template that you can emulate.

Start by structuring your content.

The first section should be greetings and an introduction about who you are. This sets the tone for your entire email. Explain who you are and why you are the right person to write a guest blog on the topic of your choice. Also, mention how the website/blog’s audience would benefit from reading your post.

The second section should talk about why you are reaching out to the specific website. What makes them a perfect fit for your needs. In simple words, tell them why you choose them and not their direct competitor. Don’t shy away from genuine flattery, but don’t go over the top either.

Once you have done all of that, mention what topic you wish to write on. Also, include a brief description of the guest post. A trailer to the final film.

You can end it by attaching previous work samples. This should be something that proves your expertise and worthiness.

And don’t forget to mention links to your website and social media profiles so that the reader of your pitch can find more details about you.

Parting Words: Nailing It

This is where you finally hand over the mic to the person across the screen. If you want them to hit the reply button, give them something to say.

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If your pitch is perfect, you will get a positive reply. But if not, you can still get the conversations started.

Mention that you are open to feedback and would love to discuss any required changes in the blog topic or content. This increases the chances of getting a response. Even if your guest post pitch isn’t approved, some editors will take out the time to offer feedback if you seem genuinely interested in it. This helps you understand where you went wrong and then you can improvise and succeed the next time.

Also, building relationships in the business world never goes to waste.

Personalizing Your Guest Post Pitch

Before you sit down to draft a guest post pitch email, do your homework well. Here are a few things that you should know about the website/blog you are pitching your guest post to:

  • Who is their audience?
  • What kind of content do they usually accept via guest posts
  • What tone do they adopt for the content on their website

Some of the ways to further personalize your email include:

  • If you can find the name of the editor, refer to them with their name.
  • Read previously published content on the site and describe what you liked about it. There’s nothing that pleases a writer more than being told that you read and liked their work.
  • Include samples that are relevant to the niche or topic.

And don’t treat this guide as an exhaustive list of all that you have to do. If you find more ways to personalize your email without the risk of looking like a stalker, go ahead.

Getting Started

You’ve learned what guest posting is. And you have learned how you can get your guest post pitch email opened, read, and replied to.

The next step?

If you feel it is too much work, get professional guest posting services.

If you are up for the challenge, start writing a draft pitch right away.

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