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7 Tips for Raising Happy and Successful Children Today

Let’s agree, we all want the same thing for our kids – to be successful and happy. We want them to receive and give love, follow their dreams and win in life. But this is a lot easier said than done. For anyone to be happy, it boils down to their habits and discipline. Once poor beliefs and habits are practiced, it can be hard to break them.

So, while conditions and upbringing differ, experts share the following advice on raising happy kids.

Set high expectations

This is challenging, but you should set high expectations for your kids and make your message consistent, even when they roll their eyes at your replies. Multiple studies show that parents who constantly remind children of their high expectations are more likely to raise children who don’t make common mistakes that hinder their success in life. For example, one study concluded that such kids were less likely to work on dead-end jobs they hated, were likely to complete their college education, and were less likely to become pregnant at an early age.

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Praise them for their efforts

Most parents are likely to praise their kids for their talents, such as “you’re so smart,” “you’re really strong and agile,” “you’re so good to people,” and so on. While doing this is not exactly wrong, A psychology professor at Stanford University showed that it’s far more effective to praise kids for the effort they put into things instead of their innate abilities.

So instead of saying something like, you’re so good in mathematics, you could instead tell them, “I’m so impressed by the effort you put into math, and it’s no wonder you score high.” The higher the praise, the better.

Teach them to manage emotions

Being able to regulate emotions is a common characteristic among successful people. Unfortunately, emotional control is not a skill most of us are born with, and we must therefore learn it as we grow. Most children learn to self-regulate from observing their parents to see how they regulate themselves. So, to help your kids live happily and successfully, master self-regulation and become a good role model for them.

Spend more time together

It’s impossible to maintain happiness without creating time with your children. A great way to spend time together is during mealtimes. Studies have shown the negative impacts that eating alone can have on kids from weight gain, truancy, and a higher tendency to abuse drugs. Children who eat dinner with other family members on a regular basis are more likely to have stronger relationships, have better social skills, and score better grades.


Promote a healthy body image

This is something that former generations have struggled with in silence, but the dangers of a poor body image are finally getting addressed today. Experts encourage parents to help their children focus on positive body image during childhood and teenage years. Also, parents can lead as examples by maintaining a healthy body image.

Show them work ethic

The best way to help your child develop the right work ethic is to make them carry out and finish chores. Far too many people put in time and effort only to quit the job before the goal is attained. Before letting your child quit a sports team, friendship, or band, you can ask them to consider their obligations to the friend or group and encourage them to solve problems.

Getting a life insurance policy

You’ve put in the time and effort to raise your kids, but without life insurance, your efforts may not bear expected fruits if the unexpected happens. Taking out life insurance that includes your kids can help them cover their bills in case of your demise or if you fall critically ill and are unable to work. This gives your kids support for college, buying a house, starting a business, or they can also borrow against it. However, it’s worth noting that a life insurance policy expires when your kid reaches 18 or 21, depending on the insurer.

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We won’t lie or sugarcoat it; parenting is hard work, but it’s something any of us can do and enjoy if you know the basics. By adopting proven approaches such as these we’ve highlighted in our article, you will find it easier making a positive impact on your kids. Don’t stop sharing your wisdom with them and let them know that you have their backs. Finally, be the best example for them.

Now it’s your turn. What additional tips do you think parents should incorporate if they want their kids to live happy and successful lives? Let’s know in the comments section below.

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