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Full Stack Developer Course

These days several developer courses are available in abundance online. But a true aspirant needs to find the right one whom they can trust to facilitate the upskilling of their knowledge. If you are one of them, be assured that you have come to the right place. The present article seeks to categorically talk about the Full Stack Developer Course available on the all-in-one KnowledgeHut and what this entire immersive learning platform has to offer to you. Let us dive in to find out more:

Why become a Become a skilled Full-Stack Developer

Modern web applications usually require 20 plus different job functions. And a developer who can transverse the different job functions across the stack is exceptionally valuable for the company. Full stack developers are highly sought after these days with an annual earning salary of $111,293 per year.

So, why limit yourself to remain only a back-end developer who has no knowledge of CSS or remain a front-end developer who is not even equipped to write an SQL query. There is an urgent need to gain expertise over multiple tools as per industry requirements.

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Statistics shows that the demand for software developers will grow exponentially by 17%, and by 2026, beyond 253,000 new software developer roles will be in demand.

That’s why this full-stack development bootcamp training is organized by us to prepare you to take advantage of the ever-growing demands and get necessarily equipped to oversee entire aspects of a project, from databases and servers to systems and clients. The training offers you a versatile skill set, no matter which industry or geography you are in.

This learning coding bootcamp is curated to get you hired with its best features of in-class live training, Cloud Labs and personalized mentorship. So, grab this opportunity to build a firm foundation as you dive from zero programming experience to acing your first interview with immediate demonstrable skills across several tools and technologies.

Highlights to the Full Stack Development Bootcamp Training

There is a comprehensive planned outline to prepare you for your path to becoming a skilled full-stack developer at KnowledgeHut. It is a beginner-friendly bootcamp being offered online as both full-time and a part-time program. This is generated as an on-demand self-paced training course. So, without further ado, get set to begin the journey of compiling a job-ready project portfolio, becoming a self-sufficient versatile developer, equipped with

critical skills for a long, healthy career in tech.

Some of the highlights of your bootcamp training for this development course are:


Starting with basics, first you will get to learn fundamentals of programming, the world-wide web and its key stakeholders.


You get to learn how to manage with end-to-end SDLC using both the traditional and agile methodologies.

Linux Essentials

The training will require you to be working in a Linux (*nix) environment, workflows, key commands, and techniques.

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Version Control

You get to become master in version controlling and managing code, and assets using the Git and GitHub.

HTML5 and CSS3

You get to learn everything about building responsive websites availing HTML5 and CSS3; discuss key HTML5 APIs and their use cases.


Start with the fundamentals; work with loops, arrays and objects so as to level up with functions and more.


You will learn about React, including Hooks API, testable components, Server-Side Rendering, global state management etc.

Node.js and Express

Here, you will learn how to build an effective, scalable, and dynamic server-side application and also APIs with Node.js and Express.


Learn about NoSQL database design and its implementation with MongoDb, the integration with Node.js, CRUD operations.


You will learn how to set up a schema, database, implement SQL queries using MySQL and integration with Node.js apps.


Get to know how to build sophisticated RESTful APIs and handle authentication, versioning with ease.


You will assuredly master microservices, including inter-service messaging and using the AWS Lambda and API Gateway.

Software Testing

Acquire an in-depth knowledge of the crucial software testing, its principles, automation, testing phases, and much more.

Docker and Kubernetes

Also, containerize using Docker, orchestrate containers with Kubernetes by using Amazon EKS and Google GKE.

CI/CD with Jenkins X

Build an extensive continuous integration and delivery (CI/CD) pipeline, learn how to import a project and also working thoroughly with Jenkin X DevPods.

Agile and Scrum

Gain an extensive knowledge in Agile, Agile Project Management (APM) framework and Scrum and its building blocks.

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About KnowledgeHut

KnowledgeHut is the most constructive project-based immersive learning platform that offers a wealth of training courses that are in high demand in the market, both knowledge and salary wise. At this platform, you will get efficacious learning experience with all the benefits at a hand-on experience and skills in your desired course. Below listed are the benefits you can avail at KnowledgeHut:

Professional-Grade Portfolio

Here, you can showcase your acquired full-stack skills to the employers looking for the right candidate by showing your job-ready portfolio.

Made for Top Employers

The curriculum for the full stack course is industry-validated as it’s made after inputs from our experienced Software Engineering Advisory Board.

Flexible Schedules

Here, you get the similar tried and trusted full-time experience with our experts on a convenient and flexible schedule.

Go Beyond Full-Stack

You may learn critical techno-managerial skills and build professional projects efficiently.

Personalized Career Guidance

We provide you personalized career guidance with resumé guidance, career coaching, mock interviews to build the confidence in you.

Continual Learning Support

You also get wealth of resources like tutorials, books, Webinars, and articles to fuel a lifetime of experiential learning.

Final Thoughts

With this self-paced preparatory full stack bootcamp training program you get skilled at high energy and gain speedier knowledge with fundamental principles and comprehensive exercises. For this bootcamp there is no prerequisite for you to have a background in tech. Just have the passion to learn and excel and leave the rest to the professionals.

KnowledgeHut Bootcamp provides comprehensively curated technical learning programs for both entry-level developers and experienced ones to generate maximum outcomes in a productive development environment.

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