How to make Slideshows for your Products?

Sales agents often try to impress their clients with a crisp and to-the-point presentation. However, many lack the tools and methods required to make slideshows quickly and efficiently. To create visually stunning slideshows, you no longer have to be an expert in MS Powerpoint or Windows Moviemaker. It is possible to create impactful slideshows for products by using online platforms and applications, even if you are making a slideshow for the first time. There are several free slideshow makers available on the internet that can help you get the product slideshows with minimum effort. Below, we will be checking some of these online slideshow makers as well.

Here are some tips to help you to create a slideshow online

Find the right platform

Choosing the right platform or application is essential. You need to select the one that offers several premade templates along with the option of adding sound effects, text, and images on the go. A comprehensive online slideshow maker can cost you a monthly premium. However, several editors provide many basic features for free.

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For instance, Kizoa helps you combine product photos and videos to create a powerful product slideshow. It has a wide range of slideshow templates, images, music, and slideshow videos that can help you get started without paying anything!

Capture photos of the product

You might want to include photographs of your product in your slideshow presentation. Having a professional photographer in your team who can capture aesthetic photos of the product can be beneficial. Even if you don’t have one, you can watch online videos and tutorials that provide tips on how to capture perfect and impactful photos of products. A slideshow maker that facilitates the seamless integration of photos, videos, and music can assist your cause. If you are short on resources, these platforms can help with built-in photographs, music, and other multimedia elements.

Use only high-quality photographs

If you want to make a slideshow using images, you will need high-quality images or photographs of your product. To promote the products your company offers, using photographs than illustrations makes a better impact. If you are promoting a common product like a dashcam, use stock photos if you don’t have time or expertise to click engaging pictures.

Work with designers and copywriters

If you have a team of designers and copywriters at your disposal, make them work on the theme of the slideshow and message that you want to convey to your clients or customers. The product slideshow must include catchy statements and helpful information on the uses and specifications of the product.

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If you are running a startup, you may not have direct access to these skills. Instead of hiring experts, use an online slideshow maker like Kizoa that has readymade templates and a strong support team to address all your queries and concerns. You can also research the kind of slideshows your competitors make and replicate them with your team to impress your audience.

Limit your slides

Adding too many slides will make your slideshow long and boring. The aim of your slideshow should be to inform the audience about your product, its features, and its uses concisely while holding their attention. Therefore, ensure you don’t add too few or too many slides. Making a slideshow that is short yet informative needs practice. Take the help of tutorial videos on making slideshows on YouTube to get things started.

Include videos

To make a compelling slideshow, you can include an introductory video. The video can include basic details of your company and its offerings. It can also inform your audience of some basic details of the product before the slideshow begins. However, ensure the video is short so that it doesn’t overpower the content of your slideshow.

Choose the right fonts and background

The colour of the text and the background must contrast each other. This will make the text readable even for those sitting in the last row. Using thin and stylish fonts isn’t recommended, and avoid flashy colours. For instance, don’t choose light green, pastel pink, and so on, especially on a pale background. Avoid using Italics unless it is necessary. Look for an online slideshow maker that comes with dozens of colour palettes, fonts, and backgrounds to choose from.

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Avoid overusing special effects

Using sound effects and animation can make a slideshow impressive. However, overusing these special effects might distract the audience from your product. It might also make your slideshow appear childish or amateurish. To avoid this, use a professional online slideshow maker that suggests special effects as per the theme and template selected by you.

Take feedback from colleagues

Your clients deserve your best. Therefore, avoid showing them incomplete or improperly structured presentations. Polish your content multiple times until you are satisfied with the outcome. However, judging your work properly might be tricky. Show your slideshow to a couple of friends and colleagues and ask them for feedback. Probe them to understand what worked and what didn’t. Using their input and opinions, customise your slideshow to make it better.

These were some tips that can help you in creating an impactful slideshow for products by using online platforms and applications. Happy Reading!

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