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5 Potential Therapeutic Effects of CBD

CBD, or cannabidiol, is a compound found in plants of the cannabis family. The Farm Bill of 2018 reduced restrictions on hemp products, and CBD use has increased since then.

About CBD

CBD is easiest to harvest from hemp and cannabis plants that are low in THC. Because the market is as yet unregulated for adults, buyers need to be careful to buy from producers that offer third-party testing for the safest results. While CBD should not trigger a positive result on a drug test, too much THC in the product may trigger this result even if you felt no euphoria or disconnection from the CBD.

Research and Potential Medical Benefits

Stress is hard to measure as it is occurring but easy to spot in the aftermath. Current research on CBD benefits indicates that this product can do a great deal to reduce anxious thoughts and the frustrating distraction caused by intermittent pain.

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CBD Biology and Therapeutic Rationale

CBD binds to the cannabinoid receptors in mammals. Once bound, these molecules reduce or slow the transmission of stimuli. Those with debilitating anxious thoughts or stiffness and pain can often get relief. You can use it to calm an anxious or older dog with joint pain as well as treating yourself.

Preclinical and Clinical Evidence

The FDA currently approves CBD products for one treatment, an anti-seizure medication. However, there is a great deal of anecdotal data demonstrating that adults have found this product helpful. Adults using CBD to treat themselves need to track their use and the results in a private journal.

Therapeutic Uses

CBD can be taken in a full dose to reduce the risk of sleeplessness, either by shutting down the spinning wheel of anxious thoughts or by fogging the brain so much that you sleep. For those who find they can easily fall asleep but not stay asleep, CBD gummies can be quite beneficial, as the digestive process delays the impact.

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For those who need the benefits of CBD but do not need sleepiness, it is possible to microdose this product. Dosage amounts are tied to weight. While a full dose of 1 mg per ten pounds of body weight can make you sleepy, 1 mg per twenty pounds of body weight can:

  • stop invasive, anxious thoughts
  • increase focus
  • reduce the intensity or transmission of nerve pain

Users can microdose by:

  • mixing a tiny bit of CBD isolate powder into a drink
  • putting a partial dropper of CBD into a smoothie
  • taking a single puff off a vaping pen

CBD can also be purchased as a lotion or a topical. Applying CBD to a sore joint or an inflamed skin patch can help with irritation and discomfort without making you sleepy.If you have sore muscles or high muscle pain due to excessive workouts, using CBD with a deep tissue massager will be a great solution. A massager like Exogun DreamPro helps reducing inflammation soothes muscles and boosts their function and recovery after every workout and using CBD along with that would just do the magic for you.

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Health Risks

It is possible to take too much CBD. In addition to sleepiness, it can cause diarrhea. Always discuss your CBD intentions with your physicians as it can interact with other medications.

CBD is not a cure-all. However, for many people who want to avoid opiates but need help with nerve pain, CBD can help. For those who struggle with sleeplessness, CBD is a gentle way to fall asleep more easily.

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