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30 Youtube Statistics That You Can’t Ignore

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1 30 YouTube Stats for Marketers to Ponder

You are a social media marketer trying to persuade your manager that video content is the way forward. Or maybe you work for an agency and attempt to convince a resistant customer that beyond the Facebook News Feed there is a huge, gorgeous world.

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Or you may simply be interested in the benefit of every minute of video you submit to YouTube. A thorough dive into YouTube data may help everyone who lives in the year 2021. Thus, for your next marketing plan, we have collected thirty YouTube statistics that you simply can’t ignore.

30 YouTube Stats for Marketers to Ponder

1. YouTube has around 2 billion registered users per month.

This is not as big as the 2.74 billion active monthly users on Facebook. However, remember that YouTube material may be seen without establishing an account, thus the “monthly registered users” figure likely undersigns the number of individuals viewing YouTube videos per month.

2. In America alone, YouTube’s advertising sales in 2021 will amount to $5.56 billion

That’s a billion and a half more in 2020 than YouTube’s advertising. In more forms, more individuals purchase more advertising.

3. 74% of adults use YouTube in the United States

This is more than just Facebook (which reaches 68 percent of American adults). And it’s almost double the next runner-up, Instagram (40 percent). YouTube is the best-known internet site in America, according to Pew Research.

4. 40% Average YoY Rise in Ad revenue

Year-by-year ad income growth was observed by YouTube channels at 40 percent.

5. 75% Individuals Prefer Video Content for Following Social Media Pages

75% of social users confirmed that YouTube provided them with an avenue to discover new pages.

6. 77% of people aged 15-35 in the United States use YouTube

With 35 and below users, although only marginally, YouTube is more popular. 73% of Americans between 36 and 45 years old are using YouTube, with 70% of Americans between 46 and 55 years of age and 67% of Americans between 56 and 55. This trend is very distinct from other social networks, where decreases in older age groups are strongly used.

7. 50.9% of B2B policymakers use YouTube to buy research.

This makes this the most widely utilized social network, outranking even Facebook (48.5%) and LinkedIn (33%).

8. YouTube intentionally tailored advertisements had 100% greater buy lifts than demographics

They had an ad-recall lift that is 32%. The combination of population and intention improves ad performance just marginally above targeting alone.

9. YouTube is excellent for product discovery

90% of buyers said via YouTube they found a brand or product.

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10. 99% increase in branded content

Since June 2017, branded content on YouTube has grown by 99%.

11. 2nd most popular platform amongst 18–34-year old’s

YouTube is the second most popular method of viewing video material between the ages of 18-34, just after Netflix.

12. Mobile view metrics are rising

eMarketer states that 40.9 percent of YouTube usage is done through mobile devices

13. 80% of U.S. children’s parents claim their youngsters watch YouTube 11 and under

And 53% of these parents believe that at least once a day, their kids will watch videos on YouTube. This contrasts strongly with other social networks, many of which need to be at least 13 years of age. These two latest combined YouTube user figures indicate that YouTube reaches a great deal across all categories of age in the US.

14. Relaxation & Entertainment videos are popular

According to the latest youtube statistics, the most highly consumed video niches on YouTube are from relaxation and enjoyment.

15. 80% of Viewers consider YouTube crucial for the customer journey

At the beginning of the customer voyage, 80% of consumers using video for inspiration stated that they did this.

16. YouTube is watched by 94.5% of OTT viewers in the US

OTT means “over-the-top,” which means streaming services seen on television. Nearly everyone in the Americas watches videos streaming on TV is watching YouTube.

17. YouTube reaches 95% users above 55

YouTube attracts 95% of Internet users over 55 years in a typical month.

18. 16.4% of the site traffic from YouTube originates in the U.S.

You have seen how overwhelming YouTube is in the US. But just a portion of the traffic from YouTube really originates from the United States. The United States is the single biggest visitor to YouTube, although it only accounts for 16.4 percent of the traffic according to Alexa’s estimations.

19. The number of channels on YouTube earning $10,000 USD or more increased 50% year-round annually

In the same time period, a total of U.S.$100,000 a year or more was added to the number of channels.

20. Daily views of “home office” videos rose by 210% in March 2020

And “at home” daily uploads rose by 700 percent in the same time.

21. 4th Best B2B Marketing Platform

The fourth-largest platform for placing videos on YouTube is B2B.

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22. 56% of YouTube users are men

And 44% of them are women. (The male and female user data are accessible exclusively.) User-based YouTube skews males, yet there are still a lot of women on the site who create and consume video.

23. Every day on YouTube, people see over a billion hours of video

One billion hours. All-day long. This is an unbelievable quantity of material consumed across the globe.

24. Viewers aged 18 or older spend an average of 41.9 minutes each day on YouTube

This covers the use of mobile, laptop, and laptop TV across all devices. This is 4.9 hours a week on average or about 255 hours a year.

25. 40.9% of YouTube time on mobile phones

This figure has lately fallen as individuals spend more time watching YouTube on their TVs, but it is still a considerable amount of time.

26. YouTube’s average visitor navigates 8.89 pages daily.

People don’t simply sweep into YouTube to watch and then pull out one video. They keep checking out almost nine pages, which increases their overall visualization time as well as the number of information sources they use.

27. The daily livelihood of YouTube grew 45% in the first six months of 2020

In a year when live events are mostly annulled, this is hardly unexpected.

28. YouTube is a Tech-purchase influencer

Upon watching the content of a video, 46% of B2B technology purchasers will acquire a product or service.

29. 72% of individuals use YouTube in 2020 to practice or stay active.

Videos with the label “home exercise” in March alone were up 515 percent.

30. Live Videos are popular on YouTube

Live video popularity stats: 43% like live tales, 30% enjoy live events, 27% benefit from webinars.


By 2022, 82 percent of all consumer traffic is expected to be in the form of video marketing. This market is explosive as a result of a pandemic and societal instability.

Social media platforms like YouTube have become the primary method to get to know the world and can’t be discarded as a fad. YouTube provides us with entertainment, connectivity, and enables us to study almost anything – including businesses, goods, and services.

YouTube will be one of your greatest investments in 2021 and beyond for your marketing plan.

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