How Transcriptions Can Play a Key Role in Content Repurposing?


It can be quite heart-wrenching to spend most of your time as a marketer to research, report, write, edit and SEO-prime just one blog post just to eventually rot in the archives. This means that you will have to repeat this process right from the top.

Therefore, it is only vital that you include the element of content repurposing in your itinerary as a marketer. It will help you to work even smarter than ever before.

Content Repurposing

If you are new to this, you may be wondering, what exactly is content repurposing? Essentially, this is an art where you take a piece of content initially made and give it a lease of fresh air by either adapting the content into something new or spinning it. It’s just like making edits on a podcast interview transcript and transforming that script into a blog post. The result is more efficiently produced content.

Why is Content Repurposing Important?

The art gives marketers the chance to spin out every detail of a previously done work, mostly because of limited time or resources. Therefore, it is an ideal way of filling content calendars to full efficiency.

Furthermore, you can repurpose your content to enable you to tap into new audiences or appeal more to the existing ones. Therefore, you ideally reinforce your website’s presence and offering your audience something new to engage with.

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Also, it is a great way to give your content a brilliant second chance to deliver a better and more significant impact than it may have earlier. When you give it a little spin, the content that may have initially failed to rank highly on search engines can get better chances of doing so and ending up on the first page.

Where do Transcriptions Come in?

Inasmuch as transcriptions may not be fun, especially when it comes to content, they offer immense potential when choosing to repurpose content. They can really work miracles if used correctly.

Essentially, a transcript is a spoken word that has been converted into a written word. This may not be literally word-for-word. Nevertheless, you can transcribe the content in a lot of different ways. However, the bottom line is that your result should ensure that it is highly understandable.

Importance of Transcriptions

Marketers make transcriptions for an assortment of reads, especially from the videos or podcasts. Some of the benefits are:

  • Makes content more accessible: Apart from improving your content’s accessibility, it also improves SEO. This means that it makes it easier to refer back to your content.
  • Repurposing content becomes easier when using transcriptions: When repurposing content from videos and audios, you can easily create social media content, articles, list-building downloads, etc.

Effectively Using Transcriptions to Repurpose your Content

Marketing doesn’t necessarily have to be in writing. You can easily find some of the most incredible material in learns, podcasts, lunch and even webinars. If you are an experienced marketer, you probably already understand that you can find treasure in recorded material, blog posts, social media posts, and other types of content that add value to niche audiences.

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Repurposing Content

Therefore, before you go out there researching for new content, it may be about time to start repurposing content from interviews, webinars, presentations, audios, and videos. Here’s how you can do it.

Email marketing

Many email marketers contend that emails are a great way of marketing, especially when using content from previous communications like new marketing videos, presentations, and recent meetings. This is an easier way of creating new email marketing content that interests a new audience, stays relevant, and is timely to the existing ones.

Blog posts

On average, a person speaks about 160 words/minute in a presentation. Therefore, one five-minute audio presentation consists of about 750 words. If you think about it, this is the best length of a great blog post.

When it comes to content strategy, blog posts are one of the best tools, especially when announcing better insights, new initiatives, or just highlighting success with a client or partner. When you transcribe recorded presentations, it can be relatively easy to let your audience hone in on some key points to pass the message efficiently.


If designed properly, infographics can be very powerful. A brand can achieve extended awareness and receive numerous SEO-friendly backlinks. However, these kinds of marketing strategies tend to be less structured and open. This is why they are great for repurposing when paired with video or audio transcription.

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As you go about reviewing presentations on certain themes, using transcripts could be ideal in helping your marketing team to trace the underlying connections between the ideas and collect all the vital information they can. When all these pieces come together, a talented designer can come up with something spectacular.

Since finding new and original content to share might be somewhat challenging, repurposing such spectacular content could be the way to go. Many people don’t have the time to keep watching such designs to extract the key points. Therefore, when you repurpose it and have it in writing, you can easily reach a wider audience than ever before.

Premium content

Also referred to as eBooks or white paper, premium content is downloaded, then emailed to someone specific. They are ideal ways of communicating recent developments in a certain sector. They offer practical value to the niche audience, which means that they can help generate qualified leads in content marketing.

Since premium content might be time-intensive, you can gather some transcripts of previous presentations by expert employees in that field and repurpose them into written format or infographic. This makes your content more valuable and genuine for that particular target audience.

Wrap Up

If you realize that you waste a lot of time researching to find new content to market yourself, it may be time to start thinking in the direction of repurposing content. This way, you can generate more click-through rates and traffic to your website.

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