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World’s Largest Keno Board

Vegas may no longer be the world’s gambling capital, but it for sure is its entertainment one and the home of countless jaw-dropping sights. While keno may not rank amongst the top gaming products most people instantly associate with Sin City, it is a game that gets offered at many of Nevada’s casino establishments and gets considered more or less a Vegas gambling staple. That has been so since the early 1930s. Though, keno at brick-and-mortar locales began to gain traction in the mid-1960s, once sizeable jackpot prizes got introduced in the Battle Born State.

This bingo-like game made its way onto North America in the 19th century, along with a wave of Chinese immigrants, who brought it and popularized it in Texas first. Today, state lotteries offer it, and keno can also be played online at interactive gaming sites. Its staying power mainly stems from its simplicity and enticing prize potential.

Naturally, as expected, Vegas houses many of the world’s most massive things. Thus, it should come as no shock that it is also the location of the planet’s most enormous keno board, which can get found at the D Las Vegas Casino Hotel, formerly known as the Fitzgeralds. The board is visible from Fremont Street, stuck on the exterior facade of the D. It is a video wall that shows live games that unfold from inside the casino’s second-floor keno lounge. The D wants everyone to know that they have the world’s largest keno board, so they have plastered this phrase inside the wall frame and have placed it next to a giant escalator leading to one of the venue’s main entrances. The whole setup went up in February 2017. It was a promotional stunt that proved to be a massive success for the Stevens brothers, Derek and Greg, who own and manage the D. The pair also co-owned the Golden Gate Hotel and Casino in the 2000s. But, they sold off their shares to the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority.

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Keno tournaments happen inside the D’s keno lounge, which is open every day from 7 AM to 1 AM, welcoming players of all sized bankrolls.

About the D Las Vegas Casino Hotel

Located on the eastern end of Fremont Street (301), in the Downtown Las Vegas Area, the D opened its doors in 1980, as the Fitzgeralds. It is the tallest building in the district and the second-tallest in the city. Initially, this spot boasted a luck-of-the-Irish theme, but following its 2012 renovation, it now only features modern décor and no exclusive motif.

The resort’s hotel has 34-stories and offers 638 renovated rooms and suites. The gaming space here sprawls over 42,000 square feet. It houses close to one thousand slots and forty table games. There is a coin machine section here, an area dedicated to video poker, and a Circa Sports sportsbook. The D’s gaming floor is unique because it is one of the rare ones in Vegas that still offers blackjack action at 3:2 odds. The loyalty program here bears the name Club One, and it has no barrier to entry. Everyone that wishes to play regularly here can sign-up for it and earn comp points en route to room discount rates, show tickets, and more.

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The dining options at the D include the Andiamo Steakhouse, American Coney Island, and the Coffee Stand. The Andiamo has gotten nothing but rave reviews for its impeccable service and the way it blends Italian cuisine and American steakhouse fare. On-premises places for relaxation and drinks are the Vue Bar, BarCanada, Long Bar, and the D Bar. Out of these, BarCanada is particularly popular, as it attracts loads of attention during the hockey season, as it boasts a reputation as the place to be for Golden Knights Stanley Cup playoff games.

How to Play Keno

Keno is a lottery-like game. Hence, the way it gets played is similar to other gambling options involving random draws. In most keno games, players pick one to twenty numbers from a range starting from one and ending at eighty. After everyone creates their ticket and places their wager, numbers get drawn at random. If some (above a specific number) or all of those that a player selected match the ones picked by the operator’s computer or machine, he will win a corresponding prize, outlined in a pre-defined paytable.

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Many keno games allow for a bonus multiplier option. It doubles the ticket price and multiplies the potential reward by using a randomly selected multiplier. Some operators also like to offer a jackpot prize, awarded to those that get twenty picked numbers right. Though, the chances of that happening are astronomical.

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