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What Technologies are used in Enterprise Web Development?

The choice of programming and technology for enterprise web development is important. Since the technical requirements for each resource are unique, there is no universal programming technology. In each case, the solution is selected individually.

Specialists use in their work both traditional, basic and the most modern programming technologies. This allows us to create high-quality, functional, fully customized web-resources.


HyperText Markup Language or Hypertext Markup Language. It was created back in 1989 and is still in use. It is the main web programming language. Required when updating and maintaining sites. It is practically not used directly in development on its own. Since it has significant restrictions on the functionality of the finished product. The site can only be static, without feedback from users. It is used as a basis in combination with other programming languages.

JavaScript Some people think JavaScript is the same as Java just because the languages ​​have similar names. In fact, this is not the case. JavaScript is a scripting language developed by Netscape and is an add-on to the HTML standard. It greatly expands the capabilities of a document created using this format. A module written in JavaScript is integrated into the HTML file as a subroutine. It is called for execution from the corresponding line of HTML code using a standard command.

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A language originally developed for programming the functions of household appliances of fintech app and software development. Later it began to be applied in web development. Java is an object-oriented language used to create applet modules. They are not integrated into the page code but are called by commands as independent programs. Applets are mainly used to develop the server-side of the site.

Java is also the foundation for a whole host of more complex technologies. Among them is JSP, a language that allows you to create pages with the simultaneous content of static and dynamic components. JSP is part of modern J2EE technology.


Applications for the server side of the resource are written in PHP. These applications integrate into HTML code and enable dynamic content on static pages. PHP makes it easy to inject simple scripts. It is a basic, simple and truly universal language, practically free from such limiting factors as typing.

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A page markup tool. It controls the correctness of the creation of documents, as well as the use of programming languages. XML itself does not define any functionality of the finished resource – rather, it is a language for structuring pages and data objects. The correctness of the XML markup is very important for the correct operation and display of pages; it directly affects the efficiency of website promotion and promotion.

Flash and Silverlight

These technologies are used to build multimedia objects. They create unique user interfaces, as well as give them additional functionality (scaling, sequential output to a page in a given area, interactive functions, etc. etc.). The only negative point is that search engines cannot fully index such items. Therefore, if it is necessary to promote sites, these technologies are used in conjunction with other programming languages.

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It is a technology for working with databases, used to manage queries, work with tables, build libraries, optimize data processing. Built on the basis of SQL, the world’s most widely used database management language.

Ruby On Rails

Used when creating sites containing product catalogs. The technology is distinguished by a high level of compatibility, rapid development, the presence of many template libraries and code fragments.

Development technologies for mobile platforms Website development should take into account the requirements of mobile device users. To adapt to mobile platforms, specific programming tools can be used. As a rule, they are implemented in the form of ready-made applications for programming (Native Development Kit, SilverEdit, and others). Such technologies provide not only correct scaling, but also adaptation of the resource interface to mobile devices.

Not all major programming technologies are included in this list. In addition to them, a whole complex is used to create and maintain sites.

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