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Ways To Maximise Your Naturist Camping Experience


Naturist camping may not sound like a particularly enjoyable way to spend summer break. Spending your summer over a bonfire without electricity or worse, wifi, is probably not ideal for anyone below their eighties or those who seek solace in a getaway under such conditions. People in many places all over the world, such as Europe or even the US, share these sentiments when it comes to exploring naturist campsites. What may be unbeknownst to you is that this way of camping is most definitely not fictional and that nudist communities still exist today, despite it being a phenomenon of the past.

We shall not lie to you and convince you that all naturist campsites nowadays are trendy and cool because, after all the naturist campsites we’ve been to, we can say for sure that there are definitely some campsites that exist from the old days that may be run-down and under par. However, a majority of naturist campsites have been transformed to provide enjoyment for everybody – they even provide wifi now! In fact, naturist campsite cornwall provides a list of the best naturist campsites so do check it out if this is something that interests you.

If you’ve decided to go naturist camping or are considering it, there’s also the question of what you’re supposed to do at a naturist campsite. Fret not, in this article, we’ve compiled some activities you can do to make the most out of your natural camping trip! Keep reading to find out more.

Unwind and relax under the sun

Despite the drastic changes of naturist campsites over the past few decades, the general intentions for nudist camping remain. One of such ideas is to enjoy the sun. Naturism, which is the idea of non-sexual social nudity, became increasingly popular over the start of the 20th century due to the advantages of the effects of the vitamin D provided by the sun’s rays. With more skin exposure to the sun, you get to take in more vitamin D which is great for your body. The theory originates from Germany, where it is known to lack sunshine, so take it from them when they say we should take in as much sunshine as we can to absorb all the vitamin D it gives us.

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Nowadays, you can ask almost any doctor and find that they do not subscribe to those old beliefs that sunshine can be good for you. They might tell you large amounts of exposure to the sun can put you at risk of skin cancer, which is true, but it does not diminish the validity that vitamin D is beneficial for your health. With that said, the most optimal arrangement would be to avoid being under the sunlight directly, especially in the afternoon where it is the hottest. Mornings or evenings are great for soaking in the sun without it being excessive. Always remember to use sunblock to protect your skin. Even if you’re not sold on the benefits of sunshine, unwinding nude under the sun feels great in general, and that could be just enough of a reason for you to try it!

Try out nude sports

During the early days of naturism, people started to pick up the habit of playing sports while nude. Naturism actively promoted healthy living, alongside other rules for alcohol and meat consumption back then. We love this aspect of naturism in particular because playing sports while nude is extremely riveting! To be frank, seeing people play volleyball while nude was a little uncomfortable at first, especially for sports that require you to move your body around a lot. It was a struggle to keep a lookout for the ball at first, but you will get accustomed to it eventually.

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While watching a game of nude volleyball can be rather fun, playing a game for yourself is even more enjoyable. Give yourself some time so you can get the thrill of it. Playing nude allows for more mobility when it comes to your body movement, and it can feel really free. If that’s not convincing enough, nude sports have a considerably lower frequency of cheating too. Petanque is one of the all-time favorites among nudists, even though it has been falling behind recently. Other sports are popular too, depending on the region, such as volleyball in the US and Canada, tennis in France, and jogging in France – all nude, of course. Somehow, nude archery has been a frequent sighting in naturist campsites, yet it remains unexplained till today.

Go skinny dipping

Skinny dipping can be considered a sport, but we feel that it deserves an honorary mention. Swimming nude acts as an introduction to naturism for most people, typically on a wild night after drinks. Normally, however, it stops there which can be quite a pity. You may realize that wearing swimwear can really weigh you down underwater when you try out skinny dipping. Many people love nude swimming and naturist campsites do provide the facilities for it too. Some provide swimming pools, and others with huge waterslides and other fun features. Natural water can be seen in some campsites, where they have a lake for you to bask in the serenity of nature. Another plus point of nude swimming is that you can dry yourself really quickly, 5 minutes tops!

Experience outdoor bathing

Outdoor showers are life-changing when you’ve experienced uncomfortable shower cabins at a regular campsite. Wet clothing, forgetting soap, getting dressed in cramped spaces – it’s just not fun. Take it from us when we say that communal showers in the outdoors are amazing. Some campsites take it up a notch with saunas of all types, from typical ones to saunas they built on their own and even low heat sweat lodges. Coupled with a hot tub experience and a massage or spa experience, the outdoor shower experience is definitely a must-have.

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Meet new people

Naturists are often social people because even though society has become increasingly focused on individuals, naturist communities still believe in social interactions. You might probably get to know more people in your first few visits to a naturist society than your neighbors down the street. This is because there’s a common interest in being naked, and it takes away from the pressures of the social hierarchy we face in our everyday lives when it comes to clothing, for example wearing certain brand names.

Nudist societies do host bonding activities, but it works differently at a naturist campsite. You can always wave to your next-door tent neighbour or head down to a bar and chat over some drinks – and in case you’re concerned, we have abolished one of the naturist principles which is the alcohol ban. Drinks are always a good way to unwind and have a good conversation.

Head outdoors

While a lot of people like to spend their whole holiday at the naturist campsite, don’t forget that you can always head out to see if there are other naturist spaces where you can enjoy your vacation. Check for nude beaches or even naturist events nearby. Certain countries even allow naked hikes in public-owned forests. Make sure you know your laws to avoid getting chased by the police because that will jeopardize an otherwise thrilling nude holiday.


As daunting as it may seem to spend your days out in the open with your assets bare, nudist practices can be really healing for the mind, body and soul. Moreover, you can even meet new people and try activities in a new way that you wouldn’t be able to experience in your everyday life. So don’t worry and take the plunge, trust us, you will not regret it!

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