Stainless Steel Shelves

Wall Mount Stainless Steel Shelves

Wall mounted metal shelving makes it possible to effectively use even extremely small storage (utility) premises. The main advantage of the designs is simplicity and versatility. They can be easily customized for absolutely any need — storage of garden tools, storage of plumbing tools, installation of containers with seedlings and much more. Racks for kitchen utensils are widely used in numerous restaurants and cafes.

A feature of professional stainless steel wall shelves for kitchen is increased durability and the use of only neutral materials, chrome and stainless steel. This is explained by the fact that sanitary and hygienic standards for public catering are much tougher than domestic ones, and the intensity of the use of neutral equipment in a professional kitchen is very high. There are such types of stainless steel wall shelves:

  • shelves for drying dishes;
  • closed fully or partially open solid wall shelves;
  • lattice products for placing lids and cutting boards;
  • shelves for drying dishes with drains and pallets;
  • shelves with a heated surface for laying out heated dishes and temporary placement of dishes — when transferring an order to the service hall.
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Such wall mount shelving should be equipped with premises and production areas where it is necessary to free up space and create conditions for the full use of equipment — technological tables, washing baths, cabinets and racks for inventory.

Which Type of Wall Mounted Metal Shelving to Buy?

Installation of wall mounted metal shelving are mounted on a flat wall using special brackets. Installation does not require specialized training and can be performed without the help of specialists. The main requirement for installation is the presence of a dense, solid wall surface that can withstand the load. Stainless steel wall shelves for kitchen can be bought in several variations, namely:

  • open and closed type;
  • with or without a metal drip tray;
  • with one or more tiers;
  • solid and sectional;
  • solid or lattice;
  • universal or specialized.
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Installing stainless steel wall shelves in industrial kitchens is the most common way to design a workspace. Shelves without perforation are suitable for high-quality organization of cutlery and small inventory. Such models can be designed for desktop or wall placement.

A variety of sizes and design models will satisfy the desires and needs of any client. Wall shelves from stainless steel with a perforated bottom have the following advantages:

  • Light weight compared to solid models made entirely of steel.
  • The possibility of using for drying dishes — through the slatted bottom, excess moisture will drain and not stagnate.
  • Shelves with perforated bottoms are neutral equipment and can be used in a wide range of applications. In particular, you can store dishes, kitchen utensils, food packages that do not require temperature conditions on them.
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Stainless steel shelving can be used to organize the washing sector, directly above the cutting table or at the professional stove. Such equipment is not afraid of high-temperature neighborhood. Such wall shelf is a guarantee of comfort, order and cleanliness.

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