Types of Apps For An Online Store On Shopify

For those who are even slightly familiar with the Shopify platform, it won’t be news that you can extend the standard functionality of your online store on Shopify with apps. In the initial stages of creating an online store, your budget may be severely limited, and as such, you can’t afford to spend money on unnecessary apps. That’s why you need to approach the selection of apps for the store with the utmost care.

To make it easier for you to make a choice, we have compiled a universal selection of the most necessary apps for your Shopify store, which will be useful in any case. There is also a whole market for Shopify extension development.

About the app store

It’s easy to find all the apps in dedicated app stores for your online store; in Shopify’s case, it’s the Shopify App Store. There you can find thousands of apps that third-party developers have created. With them, it’s easy to upgrade your store with just a few clicks.

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In the app store, entrepreneurs can find exactly what they need for their business, and app developers grow their business by supporting entrepreneurial clients. In this way, app stores benefit everyone involved. All apps are categorized by their function and purpose.

Next, let’s look at the most popular app categories by purpose.

Importing goods

Let’s start with apps that automate the order fulfillment process. They are more suitable for those who are engaged in dropshipping with the site Aliexpress.

Processing the orders yourself, that is, manually sending information about customers to suppliers, is pointless when there are many free and paid applications that allow you to fill in all the information about the buyer and his order in one click. In that case, all you have to do is pay for the order, which can also be automated later.

Order Tracking

Order tracking apps are one of the most effective tools for tracking shipments in real time. They can combine both websites and smartphone apps. Every customer would like to know where their order is at a particular point in time. If you want to give your customers the ability to track orders directly on your site, you can use a range of Shopify apps.

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Testimonials help increase sales and product page conversions. They help a potential customer to look at actual product photos and make a buying decision. Imagine, you choose a product you like and there are no reviews or ratings on it. At the same time, in another store you see the same product, but with lots of positive reviews with photos. Almost everyone will prefer the second store.


Nowadays, upsell is not an addition, but a necessity. For a small extra fee of $20-30 per month you can greatly increase ROI, average check, and overall turnover of your store.

Email Marketing

Email marketing remains an important tool in the arsenal of every online store owner on Shopify.

Customer Returns

If a customer switched to checkout and left his email or phone number, we have a chance to get payment from him even if he closed the site.

Increase of conversion

Conversion rate of your online store depends on many factors: photo quality, description, prices, delivery cost, and terms, design, etc.

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Content translation and currency conversion

You will be able to sell your products in new markets all over the world, expanding your business beyond what you thought possible. To support different languages in your store, you will need to download and use an online store content translation application.

Page Builders

The functionality of these apps is much broader than the standard builder from Shopify, and the limitations are much less than the built-in themes. It is important to approach the task intelligently, as shopify website speed optimization plays a key role.

Image compression and SEO

High-quality images are necessary to make your Shopify store visually appealing. However, if they are not compressed, their presence can negatively affect page load times and, as a result, many of the site’s performance indicators.

Where to start?

Despite the variety of all the existing applications, we understand that sometimes you want to implement something that doesn’t already exist. If you want to do the development of your store on your own, you will need a Shopify-developer who will offer a customized solution to your problem.

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