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Travel to See the World’s Greatest Casinos

You don’t have to be a gambler to visit different casinos around the world. You should visit some just for their historic vibe and their astonishing exteriors and interiors. Here are some of the most special casinos around the world that deserve a visit, even though you may not even be a gambler yourself.

There are countless reasons to travel, both abroad and domestically. While some choose to take a beach vacation, museums, cities, others travel to visit casinos around the world. Some of them are unique as they are very old and quite astonishing architecture-wise. Before you go, however, you should make sure that you practice some of the games beforehand. You will need to catch up on the rules of games, such as poker and blackjack before you leave for your trip. It would be a shame to visit some of the most beautiful casinos and not know how to take part in some of the most popular casino table games. So, make sure to practice using real money online casinos as this is how it also works in the real world.

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Casino de Monte Carlo

Who would not want to follow in agent 007’s footsteps, which you will be able to, if you visit this beautiful casino in Monte Carlo? The Bond movie Casino Royale was, amongst other places, shot here. And besides this big attraction, this place is one of the oldest casinos, which becomes quite clear if you look at its special and historical exterior and interior. It includes both opera and ballet which makes it even more exclusive. With an overwhelming façade, this palace is simply inviting you in. And it is no less attractive inside than it is on the outside. Surrounded by a classical design, it is a great and special experience walking around this establishment. It is one of the most expensive casinos to visit, which naturally can make it more difficult for all to experience. However, you can always choose to simply visit it and not much more.

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Casino Baden-Baden

Baden-Baden in Germany hosts one of the oldest casinos across the entire globe. The structure was designed back in 1824. And the premises has been running as a casino since then. It has been said that this is the place where Dostoyevsky got his inspiration for the famous novel “The Gambler”. And this extremely well-preserved place will transfer you back to the 17th century with its classical interiors with elegant chandeliers and beautiful red carpets. It is a time machine which is why you don’t have to be a dedicated gambler to be astounded by a visit to this establishment.

Casino Venezia

Another casino is not only among the oldest casinos but is the actual oldest. It was built and founded in 1638 and has been open and operating ever since. As a beautiful Venice establishment, it is of course located by the riverbanks, and you enter the place from a gondola on the Grand Canal. With this unique entrance, the magic of visiting the oldest casino in the world is almost tangible. And the feeling of being blown away won’t necessarily stop. This was a preferred residence for the famous composer Wagner and when he visited Venice, he would stay here. The place also features a hotel and not only the casino. With a history of special guests, there are a lot of stories behind the walls of Casino Venezia.

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You can find a great deal of culture and history in these three venues, which all tell stories of another time. And all of these places will both be entertaining and interesting to visit. Besides, all these casinos are in beautiful and great cities that all deserve to be visited and that all have a plethora of things to offer. You can use this article as inspiration for potential traveling goals through these very specific historical pearls, the casinos.

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