top apps for college students

The Top Apps for Students You Should Download

Applications for Students

Modern apps for students make life much easier. With their help, you will not forget about essential tasks, meetings, and so on. It is just necessary to know which applications deserve your attention and memory on your device. However, there is another way to help you succeed. It is StudyCrumb Writing Service. The company specializes in writing essays for students. It can make your life a lot easier, especially when you are in a time crunch. Follow the link if you want to learn more.

Different Lifestyles

The choice of an app that can be useful for you depends on your lifestyle, age, and personal characteristics. What exactly do you need a little help with? Let’s review the most useful apps classified according to the fields of their application and their purposes and main features.

Top Studying Apps


Use for: learning languages, user-generated content

This is a language learning platform. The app has extensive functionality in the free version and is also available in premium. It has user-generated content; therefore, you can also find subjects other than languages that might interest you

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Use for: flashcards, maximum memory retention

This online flashcard platform optimizes your studying by repeating concepts at the perfect interval. This helps you reach your maximum memory retention.


Use for: task management, note-taking, archiving.

This app is great for keeping all your important notes within reach, and it synchronizes with all your devices automatically.


Use for: online university-level courses

This online course provider is created by Harvard and MIT. It covers a wide range of disciplines worldwide. Some of these courses are free of charge.

Best Productivity Apps for Students


Used for: organization

This app is a digital student planner. With it, you can easily track your classes, tests, and homework. You will never forget an assignment this way!

Microsoft OneNote

Used for: note taking, sharing notes

This app is heavily underestimated and very useful. OneNote can give you an overview of your notes because it is you who creates them. Easy to navigate and user-friendly.

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Used for: focus, productivity, motivation, time management

This app helps you beat your phone addiction and manage your time. The more productive you are, the faster your virtual tree will grow in a forest. This is the best study motivation app.


Used for: waking up

This app uses loud ringtone sounds to wake even the heaviest sleepers, as well as a gentle alarm. There are features like ‘photo mission’ and ‘math mission,’ which demand performing an action for your alarm to turn off.

Best Educational Apps


Used for: TED talks on various topics

This platform provides TED talks from remarkable people, with topics ranging from science to technology and psychology.


Used for: math questions, math problem solver

This free app solves your algebra homework questions and clarifies them to you in step-by-step explanations.

Useful Apps


Used for: citation management

This app generates citations, reference lists, and bibliographies. It automates the whole process for you and can save you a lot of time and effort.


Used for: tracking sleep, analyze sleep, sleep better

This app tracks your sleep, waking you up at the most perfect time feeling rested. This can be of big help since sleep impacts your organization and productivity.

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Used for: textbook rentals, tutoring

This company provides physical and digital textbook rentals, as well as online tutoring. You can ask an expert for help and have an answer in as little as 30 mins.

If you want to know how to study productively, read a list of tips that can help you become more organized.

  • Don’t work for more than an hour at a time
  • Make a plan (and stick to it!).
  • No social media.
  • Go for some exercise.
  • Make sure your study location is tidy.
  • Get enough sleep.
  • Set up all you need before starting. This way you won’t be interrupted.
  • Make sure your environment is quiet.
  • Relate your productive time to something fun. Drink coffee during studying or listen to your favorite music while cleaning.
  • Do not use social media or any informative activity during your break. Instead, relax and drink some tea or play with your pet.
  • One thing at a time. Try not to multitask too much.
  • Write things off; get them out of your head to minimize the chaos up there.
  • Celebrate when you have been productive ­ you deserve it!
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