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Methods To Engage Sales Reps In A Training Program

It is a general perception that the sales reps do not pay attention during training. Is it because of ineffective training or is it something else? Most companies face the challenge of keeping their sales rep attentive and engaged. The reason can be many, for example, the human brain has the tendency to phase out after a specific period of time. Another reason can be the high energy levels of the sales rep that makes it difficult for them to stay at one place for long. Technological advances like smartphones and social media also can also be a disruption.

Many sales reps look forward to training as they want to excel in their job. Then what are the ways to improve the engagement and get the best from the training? We need to tweak our methods of delivering the method of training based on the category of the audience. Let us look at some of the methods that we can adopt to ensure better engagement.

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As mentioned above, it is difficult for the brain to process too much of the information in one go. Thus it impacts the retention of the new learnings. By incorporating microlearning in your training module, it will not only be easier to understand the information but will be able to grasp it better. Breaking the information into smaller chunks will also be helpful in retaining the learnings for a longer time.

By breaking the information into smaller chunks helps in providing the information in an organized manner covering every aspect of the topic in detail. For example, providing a guide to executing prospective sales. Also, it is beneficial to get the information whenever and wherever required with the help of an effective and robust learning management system like Absorb LMS.

But only theoretical knowledge does not make effective sales reps. Including examples and case studies can help to some extent. However, this method lacks practical knowledge.

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Provide Examples

The theoretical knowledge makes more sense if it is backed by practical examples and observations. Showing the peer learning videos of the high performers or scenario-based observations not only keeps the sales rep attentive but opens up the thinking channels of the brain.

Scenario-based learning, visual learning, and peer-to-peer learning are considered to be the best learning methods. This also helps the trainees to relate better to the theory they have learned through microlearning sessions.

Learning By Doing

You get the best learning when you practically do any job. With the help of learnings gained through the modules and the visuals, the learner must be provided with practice opportunities to face real-world scenarios.

Create a controlled environment to practice the sales by questioning, role plays, mock sales with peers, etc. This will bring them out of their comfort zones and prepare them well to face real customers more effectively. Sending the sales rep on business calls without practice might cause an irreparable dent in the company’s image.

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Reinforce And Apply

It is a human tendency to forget the learnings in 30 days if not reinforced over and again. Also, the regular constructive feedback from the managers helps the sales rep to understand their strengths and areas of opportunities. This can be achieved by manager-led training programs and with on-the-job training where the sales rep accompanies the senior and get to learn by observing them.

Also, the managers can provide feedback once the reps start interacting with real-world customers in presence of their managers/seniors. The constructive and timely feedback will surely help the reps learn better and finally convert them into successful sales reps.


There might be many reasons because of which the engagement levels in sales training are low. By incorporating the above methods, you can ensure better engagement and learning of the sales reps.

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