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Some Affiliate Programs For Cryptocurrency To Make Passive Income

An effective strategy to grow your audience of crypto enthusiasts is through a cryptocurrency affiliate programme. You may develop a regular income stream from a cryptocurrency affiliate programme if you provide material on cryptocurrencies on websites, blogs, Twitter accounts, YouTube channels, or news portals. If you are interested in Bitcoin, check out how Blockchain and Bitcoin are helping content creators.

However, selecting a crypto affiliate programme from among the hundreds of available programmes takes a lot of work. For your convenience, I have put together a list of some of the greatest crypto affiliate programmes available. Now let us go through some very renowned affiliate programmes.


Kucoin is among the world-class cryptocurrency exchange. According to the exchange, Kucoin is used by one out of every four cryptocurrency owners worldwide. Due to this very aspect, affiliates have a fantastic potential to market the exchange and generate passive earnings.

Depending on how many people join the site, affiliates who promote Kucoin might make between 30 and 50 per cent in trading fees. For crypto exchange, the Kucoin affiliate programme offers the most affordable compensation rates. Since this programme is still in its infancy, registering as an affiliate requires manual approval.

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Today, a growing number of individual investors are entering the cryptocurrency market, and they are always seeking for automated trading solutions to improve their efficiency. You may create automated investing techniques without any coding or programming expertise with the additional assistance of the crypto exchange CoinRule. There are more than 150 rules available, including daily top performance, trend rebalancing, stop loss and others.

Affiliates receive recurring fees of 20% through CoinRule’s cryptocurrency affiliate programme. CoinRule is a fantastic choice if you are targeting crypto-based consumers that are seeking automated trading.


The cryptocurrency exchange’s name is appropriate given that it offers quick and easy coin-switching services. There is potential trading for more than 500 cryptocurrencies, including fiat currency. You may earn a 0.4 per cent share of the revenue by just inserting a referral link or banner.

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You may get up to a 2 per cent customizable partners fee for advertising widgets and API. But a large selection of cryptocurrencies and online tools, a low withdrawal threshold, and quick partner registration with no verification render SimpleSwap one of the top cryptocurrency affiliate programmes.


With the help of Trezor, customers may store their cryptocurrency tokens offline in a secure manner. Trezor is a well-known brand in the cryptocurrency business, and you may utilise its affiliate programme to draw clients from your audience. You may get a 12–15 per cent referral commission with the Trezor cryptocurrency affiliate programme. It also supports Bitcoin payments.

In the cryptocurrency market, traders at the intermediate to advanced levels employ cold wallets. Therefore, this affiliate programme is a good fit for you if your audience fits into this group. Trezor does not, however, provide a subscription service, therefore it does not bring in a consistent income.

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There is no denying that hardware wallets offer your cryptocurrency the strongest defence against hackers. They provide your private keys with top-notch security. Ledger is one of these hardware wallets. It offers the best-in-class cryptocurrency hardware wallets and was founded in 2014. The company sells two different kinds of hardware wallets. Ledger has more than 4 million consumers because of the security it offers. Additionally, it features an affiliate programme that pays a 10% commission on each transaction.

In addition, Ledger affiliates gain additional benefits including exclusive access to Ledger events, complimentary Ledger devices, community giveaways, and NFT drops. Furthermore, Bitcoin is used to make payouts.


Although the market is flooded with cryptocurrency affiliate programmes only a few of them offer a chance to generate reliable income. Some of the top cryptocurrency affiliate programmes in the industry can be found with the programmes we’ve highlighted in our guide, and they also have very attractive commission rates.

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