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Leadership Studies: Personal Learning Objectives

Leadership can be simply defined as the art of motivating individuals to act towards accomplishing common goals. In the corporate setting, leadership could mean directing colleagues and other workers to meet their goals. Hence, the leadership definition captures the fundamentals of the ability and preparedness to inspire others. Some individuals are born natural leaders; however, anybody can develop the needed leadership skills and practice. One of the strategies for developing leadership skills is continuous learning. The best pathway to being a good leader is learning new things continuously as it keeps one’s mind sharp and enhances skills, which primes one to face new challenges. The leadership studies program will offer students the theory, hands-on practice, and skills to lead organizational change and better the community. This will act as a launchpad for students seeking a profound impact as leaders to handle the reality and complexities of a diverse world by managing constant change in leadership. In preparation to set off on the learning journey, this paper presents the top three personal learning objectives for the leadership studies program to set the learning direction. The SMART approach will be used to formulate the three learning objectives.

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Learning Objective One

By the end of December, I will have enhanced the understanding of the good management theoretical models by learning how they are built and thinking about the different dimensions of management jobs to stimulate corporate growth and innovations. The progress will be measured by evaluating companies using different management theories to explain their situation and examine managerial actions that yield desirable results. The learning objective rationale is based on the Harvard Review Article that cites teaching people how to think allows one to answer their own questions more insightfully rather than answering questions directly (Christensen 4). At the end of the leadership program, students will apply the knowledge on management theoretical models by answering three questions regarding their personal life. The focus will be pursuing happiness in one’s career, relationships with spouse and family, and staying out of jail. The discussion will measure the progress by illustrating how one can use the management theories from the leadership studies course to guide personal life decisions and management practice.

Learning Objective Two

The second objective is to become a better leader by comprehending, recognizing, and managing one’s strongest tendencies and psychological preferences through self-awareness by January 15, 2021. The focus is on the Big Five dimensions: the need for stability, conscientiousness, agreeableness, openness, and extraversion. Self-awareness is rated as one of the most important leadership capabilities developed to tone down or manage, possibly limiting traits (Toegel & Barsoux 57). In the contemporary environment, leaders across all levels experience intense pressure to go faster and push harder. Thus, leaders have difficulty regulating their inherent psychological preferences. The behavior of leaders at the higher organizational levels is under greater scrutiny as it influences colleagues and other staff. At the end of the program, the objective will be measured by conducting a personality test and reviewing the scores to ascertain the leadership weakness and areas that need attention.

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Learning Objective Three

In the two months, I want to expand my career knowledge by gaining new information concerning leaders’ duties and responsibilities in the information technology industry. The goal is to gain a better understanding of leadership in the IT industry. Some of the world’s greatest leaders today are in the IT industry, such as Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg, and Tim Cook. Their strong leadership styles and skills have contributed to their immense success within their companies and globally. During the course, I will have interviewed three professionals working in three different IT industry firms with at least five years of leadership experience. The aim is to inquire about their career paths, educational backgrounds, duties, networks, hobbies, professional associations, and advancing careers in the industry. The progress will be measured by conducting additional research and documenting the information into a simple leadership biography that will be reviewed at the end of the course.

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