Access Blocked Websites

5 Ways To Access Blocked Websites From Anywhere In The World

The number of websites blocked is increasing every year due to various reasons. Due to rising censorship, governments in many countries actively limit internet access and force people to avoid even popular websites and social networks.

Similar situations occur in schools and companies when network administrators push us to hunt for ways to unblock websites. Unfortunately, one popular website that is banned in several countries is The Pirate Bay, and we must find ways to access it.

This article may learn about several simple strategies to get around censorship and access prohibited websites. Therefore, stay tuned with us, and learn all about accessing these blocked websites from all around the world.

How To Access Blocked Websites From Anywhere In The World

Although the Internet is meant to be a worldwide network, many websites are restricted to individual nations. Many nations block some websites due to copyright violations, and many block them for piracy. That’s why we have brought the top 5 ways of accessing blocked websites here:

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1: Use VPN

A VPN is also known as the Virtual Private Network. It operates as a layer that hides your actual IP address. That means when you use a VPN, your device’s traffic is routed through a VPN server that is not restricted by the government or your ISP, allowing you to access the blocked websites.

Using a trusted VPN service is the best approach to unblock websites with ease, according to our experience and expert reviews. All of the significant VPNs are compatible with Windows, iOS, Mac operating systems, Android, Linux, and other platforms, making it simple to unblock websites at work or school.

2: Go To Internet Archive

The Wayback Machine is a fascinating service that saves a copy of nearly every internet web page. It preserves numerous copies of a website and allows you to view older versions of the site. Users can also utilize it to access internet material that has been prohibited.

Therefore, the Wayback Machine has you covered even if a service or website goes out of business. In addition, this Internet Archive has a large number of free movies, documentaries, vintage games, ebooks, and other items that may also pique your interest.

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3: Replace Your DNS Server

You may quickly get through the blocked website barricade by replacing your DNS server. This strategy often entails utilizing Google DNS or OpenDNS for accessing the internet. You can also input the website’s web URL into Chrome and look to the left of the address bar for the symbol to unblock the website if replacing the server seems challenging.

The DNS service from Cloudflare is supposedly the quickest and most secure DNS service available. Cloudflare’s DNS service is also available via Android and iOS applications. Many people frequently use this one-click solution to gain access to prohibited sites in their nations.

4: Use IP Instead Of URL

Most of you are probably aware that each website’s URL includes an IP address, and the authorities that blocked the site may have just saved the URL rather than the IP. In such instances, you can utilize a website’s IP address to open restricted websites in your Chrome browser.

To acquire the IP address on Windows, type ‘tracert’ on the command window. Now, open Network Utility, select the Traceroute option at the top and input the website address to locate a website’s IP address. This process is used in Macbooks, so if you are using an Android gadget, find the application in the play store and access the blocked site.

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5: Use The Tor Browser

You’re probably already familiar with the widely used Tor browser if you’re a privacy advocate. If you put it up correctly, this might be used as a site blocker bypass tool. You may unblock websites while remaining anonymous at school or work in many circumstances. You’d also be able to get rid of any form of surveillance, which is a double benefit.

After VPNs and DNS servers, Tor is the most powerful way to unblock websites. It’s also utilized as a gateway to dark websites or. Onion sites that aren’t accessible through the regular web. If you know how to use this browser, you can use many unblocked sites from anywhere in the world.

Putting It All Together

Are you still with us? That means you are intrigued to try one of these strategies to access blocked sites from your country. These methods are practically executable and don’t even require much effort. Hence, you can easily apply these strategies, and if you get stuck somewhere in between, you can always turn to us for help.

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