Is Bitcoin Transforming the oil industry?

Bitcoin was the first virtual concept introduced to the public for trading and investment purposes. Bitcoin was created in a motive that is in the control of owners’ money to themselves. One more reason for creating Bitcoin is that only one identity should regulate monetary affairs. Therefore Bitcoin and oil profit do not involve any government institution to validate its transactions. Whether the owner has complete control of their money and can use it as they want, using Bitcoin, you can transfer the funds anonymously without coming into the government’s eyes, and it is essential in oil industries because there are some situations when you need to transfer funds very quickly and other than banking hours. If you want to know more about oil trading, then you can visit this site.

Oil industries are getting regularly excited because the prices offer massive fluctuations, which leads to a vast customer base, and traders of oil markets are making good profits out of massive fluctuations. The use of Bitcoin in oil markets makes transactions very easy, reliable, faster and trustworthy among the different partners of the oil markets and companies. The countries and different MNCs from different nations may legally accept Bitcoin. Bitcoin can potentially make the current monetary system completely digitalised because no government body is involved with Bitcoin payments.

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Benefits of Bitcoin to oil industries

No tracking

A transaction that took place through Bitcoin is non-traceable and can only be tracked by the wallet address. Does making the enormous transfers of the oil market safer and cost-efficient? You can make the payments anonymously without knowing your government, and making payments through Bitcoin cannot even be known by your business partner. You cannot track the Bitcoin transaction until you open your wallet address publicly. If you, by mistake, share your wallet address with anyone publicly, it can be regenerated into minutes. It helps to increase privacy if we compare it to the traditional currency system, where third parties have the potential to access your financial data.

No third party

Bitcoin does not need any third-party verification to facilitate its transactions. Whether it uses an independent base known as the blockchain has played a broad role in making cryptocurrency successful. Cryptocurrency has no legal base, so it uses blockchain to facilitate its transactions. Using blockchain means getting access to a peer-to-peer transaction which means the information or the financial data flows directly from merchant to customer account without involving intermediaries. Involving intermediaries means increasing the cost of the transaction and a fear of data leakage, whereas using a centralised means to transfer funds may include many different intermediaries. And the information flows from many different channels where the risk of fraud and cyber-attacks becomes very high.

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Cost efficiency

Bitcoin transactions are very convenient as we compare them to traditional banking system transactions. Banking transfers like wire transfers and quick charge a considerable cost for transferring overseas funds. At the same time, Bitcoin can settle payments with an office of around 0.2%. Also, the central banking system can take more than the required time, leading to companies’ backwardness and creating distance between oil trading companies. Bitcoin can settle oil payments overseas or domestically in a few minutes.

No tax

Bitcoin does not have any third-party interference in transactions. Also, Bitcoin does not use any government authority to verify its transactions. Therefore, it is not liable to pay any tax to the government. The only way to pay tax using Bitcoin is to send the Bitcoin percentage to tax collecting authorities.

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It is beneficial for the oil companies where they have to transfer huge funds through centralised means transferring funds to centralised channels means you have to pay tax before completing the transactions. And this may increase the cost of businesses associated with oil trading.

Bottom line

These are some reasons that support Bitcoin is transforming the oil market. Also, Bitcoin transfer comes with several benefits, like not stealing Bitcoin because the owner can only change the ownership address of the Bitcoin. Furthermore, one cannot store your Bitcoin without physical access to your computer or PC. On the other hand, should keep a few things in mind Bitcoin is highly volatile and subject to monetary risks. Also, Bitcoin does not carry any long history, just like stocks, so before involving Bitcoin in the payment system, one must ensure and get the required knowledge about Bitcoin. It may not give you excess profit or any extra benefit, but it can save you from enormous losses.

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