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Why Should You Become An Apartment Owner In Downtown Dubai? There Are Several Reasons!

Downtown Dubai in the UAE attracts the attention of investors and experts thanks to such tourist attractions as the magnificent Burj Khalifa skyscraper, the beautiful Fountain of Dubai and the Dubai Megamall. Luxury shops, skyscrapers, exclusive penthouses, thoughtful recreation and entertainment areas — this area has literally everything that makes an indelible impression on people. For those who are considering living in the center of Dubai, here is a list of the many benefits you will receive as a resident of this community.

Why should you become an apartment owner in Downtown Dubai?

In the center of Dubai, dotted with green areas, an atmosphere of a comfortable urban community has been created. The most iconic buildings of the city, pedestrian paths and picturesque embankments are located here. Downtown includes numerous buildings and residential complexes that offer a wide range of options for living. This area is one of the most sought after in Dubai, regardless of whether you live a bachelor life or have a family of five.

Marvelous views

Imagine waking up every day and seeing a close-up of the world’s tallest tower! This is what you can feel while living in the center of Dubai. In order to enjoy magnificent views of the nearby attractions and the beautiful landscape of the city every day, you should look for apartments in the center of Dubai in the buildings of Burj Al Nujum, The Address Sky View Towers, The Address Residence Fountain Views и Burj Khalifa.

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Completely different level of luxury

Downtown Dubai offers residents comfortable apartments with thoughtful layouts, spacious rooms, a built-in kitchen and balconies. The features of the apartments vary from building to building, so in some cases you can also find apartments with an additional bathroom, a separate guest room and an additional storage room. Residents can also use the luxury swimming pool, gym, barbecue area, children’s playground, parking space and conference room available in most buildings in downtown Dubai.

Location near the best schools of the Emirate

In addition to the fact that families can live in luxurious spacious apartments in the center of Dubai, among other reasons is the combination of convenient public transport in the city center and the proximity of some of the best schools in Dubai. That’s why families should consider moving to this area: there are many schools and kindergartens in Downtown. The most famous of the kindergartens are Blossom Downtown and Jumeirah International Garden.

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Proximity to famous hospitals

Being the main area of the city, Downtown Dubai offers phenomenal proximity to many famous hospitals in Dubai. Emirates Hospital is a 15-minute drive away, and Parkview Medical Clinic is just a 19-minute drive away.

The center of Dubai is a cultural and nightlife in one bottle

Downtown Dubai is home to the Dubai Opera, as well as some of the best restaurants and nightclubs in the city! There are several fine dining restaurants in the center of Dubai. There are also many bars and nightclubs in the area. You will have no shortage of cozy establishments with a homely concept, as well as bars and lounges for a special occasion or just a pleasant evening. For those who like to smoke hookah in the center of Dubai there are also a lot of hookah bars.

Jumeirah Beach next door

If you’re a beach lover, don’t worry, as the life in the heart of Dubai doesn’t isolate you from the gold coast. Jumeirah Beach is just a 10-minute drive from most of the residences in the city center. Alternatively, you can spend time in the pool, since most likely your luxury apartment in the city center has a luxury pool designed only for residents.


The Dubai Mall/Burj Khalifa Metro Station is located in the center of Dubai, which makes it easier for residents to move around the city. Another station, Emirates Towers, is also in the immediate vicinity. Dubai trolleybuses or trams also run along Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Boulevard.

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Shopping opportunities in the most popular shopping malls

Downtown Dubai offers you to visit two of the best shopping malls in Dubai. One of them is the largest mall in the emirate, Dubai Mall, and the other is Middle Eastern Souk Al Bahar. Dubai Mall attracts attention with more than 1,200 branded stores, and Souk Al Bahar includes more than 100 shops of Arabic decor.

In addition to shops, there are several catering outlets in shopping centers. Dubai Mall offers much more than just shops and restaurants. In addition to shopping, you can do many other things in Dubai Mall for entertainment and a pleasant pastime.

Outdoor activities

In the center of Dubai there is a park where pets are allowed to walk. Bring your pet to the quiet Burj Park in the community. There is a lot to do in Burge Park: from jogging to lake riding and cycling. You can even find a bike rental system to better explore the community with benefits for your body.


Downtown Dubai is a multifaceted area that really has much more than just a comfortable life in the style of a big city!

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