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How to Attach A PDF File To Microsoft Word Documents

Inserting a PDF into a Word document may seem tricky, but the process takes only a few steps and can enrich Word documents without having to send PDF files separately as links or email attachments. Attaching a PDF into a Word document is preferable to having your audience view separate files, when you can easily embed all this necessary information into the document, which your user can then view with their preferred PDF viewer or editor. The best part is, if you have to attach PDFs to your Word document, you can do it via Microsoft Word so you don’t need to download software, apps or add an extension to your browser.

The Benefits of Attaching a PDF to Word

PDFs and digital documents in general are the main document type used by businesses, large and small. Organizations run on documents. Whether they are business-related (invoices, balance sheets, sales reports) or every day memos and emails, businesses communicate with each other and internally via the documents each specific department is expected to create and share.

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When departments are sending vital business information to one another, it makes it easier to present the file, in PDF format, within a memo or email, rather than having the PDF exist by itself, without any context or explanation. Embedding a PDF version of a project proposal within a Word document can give your audience a deeper understanding of the statistics, budgets and scale of such a project without confusing them.

The other benefit of inserting a PDF into Word is that you don’t have to waste time converting each file into the other. The way PDF and Word files interact normally is when one file is being converted into the other. But taking a PDF and inserting it into a Word document is much easier and faster, even though converting PDF files is not a time-consuming process.

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Inserting a PDF into a Word document saves you from having to perform multiple steps, when you can just take the PDF you need and follow a few simple steps to put it into a document you’ve already created, like a letter or memo. All you need is these simple steps and Microsoft Word to attach PDF to Word.

How to Attach a PDF to Microsoft Word

When your Word document is ready you can follow these simple steps to find and attach any PDF file to your document:

  1. Go to Insert > Object
  2. In the Object Dialog box, click on Create from File
  3. Click Browse and search your hard drive to find the PDF
  4. Click the “Display as Icon” box and do not click the “Leave as Icon” box
  5. Click OK

The PDF will appear wherever you placed your cursor before you started the embedding process. When you send the file, the reader will be able to click on the icon and open the file in any compatible browser or PDF reader.

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Using Lumin PDF

Lumin PDF is an online PDF editor that is also available for download for offline use. The program works in a browser, but is much more flexible when used as a software. The program acts as a viewer and editor, so you can add or remove text, add comments or annotations and compress PDF files.

Lumin also lets you convert PDF files into other file types, so you can open your Word documents and create new PDF files or change a PDF into a Word document. Lumin also has combine PDF and split PDF features so you can compile different documents into one single file rather than having separate files bunched together.

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