Homework Management

How can Homework Management Applications help

Present world digitalization is unnecessary addition in every educational institution besides being the
trend. We already know how advantageous it can be, and how we can use it to increase our productivity
and academic and personal-life performance. All the digitalization in the world is of no help if there is no
organized manner for students to use it properly. This is why every enterprise institution must
categorize the features available on their portals.

One such tool is a homework management application. A school management software can perform the
same functions a homework app can do, but is it truly segregated enough to allow students to use it
efficiently? Let’s learn what it is and how it can be an unnecessary integrated application.

What is a homework management application?

As the name suggests, a homework application is a separate module created for students to look up
pending assignments, complete and submit them, and also avail of all the notes, videos, and learning
resources teachers might have uploaded for the same purpose.
By using this application students can efficiently stay up to date with every task. Students are more
comfortable using separate portals because they would remember to check them every day. Moreover,
students also have a streamlined process to view, edit, upload, and re-upload tasks for each subject.

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Important homework management application features

Assigning, managing, and submitting homework

Homework or assignment first needs to be uploaded by the respective subject teachers. An application
can automatically inform students about the new task, either through in-application notifications or
mail. This real-time information allows them to stay on track with their routine and complete and
submit without delay.

Resource bank

To complete homework, students would go through their syllabus or topics. They don’t study it from the
same source; some students prefer an easy or more technical language for ease of understanding and
writing answers. Therefore, a resource bank is a sufficient, if not necessary feature. Teachers already
share learning materials in the class, but with additional uploads on the homework application students
can be sure whether they are following the correct notes.

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Question bank

A question bank has preset papers and suggested portions for students to revisit and practice before
exams. Teachers can also prepare a question back for summer and winter vacations, the students can
complete the task without a specific deadline.

Automated results

Some of the homework assigned is not an elaborate question answered or project paper, it could be
multiple choice questions or objective type questions. Teachers need not put a lot of effort here since
some AI-generated homework applications have the inbuilt feature of automatically checking every
paper. Students get real-time scores and can judge their progress accordingly.

Advantages of a homework application

The basic benefits remain the same, how students can use the LMS portal for every separate function
and streamline their learning process. But a homework application has additional benefits, such as:

Time management

Everyone must understand the importance and advantages of time management. A homework app
utilizes everything according to the due date, notifies students in real-time as each task is uploaded, and
helps them save and prioritize activities. This is a step initiated by the application but in real life also
they would understand how helpful prioritizing activities can be.

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Resource management

Assigning homework digitally is paper-saving, time-saving, and resource-efficient. The application has
the feature of containing specific resources relevant to a particular homework topic. Teachers can
upload the sources, or students can do it themselves as they learn more. They can efficiently use these
learning resources before an examination, and would not have to take out extra time to categorize
topics and their learning material.

Student progress tracking

Both students and teachers can track their progress by comparing assignments submitted, and scores
received for everyday homework. The point of progress report tracking is to perform better in the future
and learn from their mistakes.


Students can work efficiently online because they are used to gadgets. Managing homework through a
similar application only adds to their productivity levels. Every school should consider having at least a
learning management portal, if not specially segregated learning portals. Now is the best time for every
institution to invest in one, in the wake of digitalization!

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