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Cheap Places to Stay in Kitty Hawk NC

Finding a cheap place to stay when visiting Kitty Hawk can prove to be a challenging task. In this article, you’re going to see the list of cheap places to stay in Kitty Hawk. This will prove very useful, especially when you want luxury, but you’re on a budget. But that’s not all. Answers to a few questions often asked about Kitty Hawk are also provided in this article. Below are the cheap places to visit in Kitty Hawk, NC.

1. Baymont by Windham Kitty Hawk Outer Banks: With 655 reviews, Baymont tops our list of cheap places to stay in Kitty Hawk. Besides the cheap accommodation they offer, you also get free breakfast. Interestingly, you also get discounts if you are military personnel. This is the ideal place for a family who wants to go on a vacation in Kitty Hawk but with a budget.

2. Hilton Garden Inn Outer Banks/Kitty Hawk: Another cheap place to stay in Kitty Hawk is Hilton Garden Inn. However, what makes it a better option is that the hotel has been operating for a long time and famous for its guests luxury. Do you know that you can book a room at the hotel and pay later? Interestingly, cancelling any booking you make is free. If you are looking for a cheap place to stay in Kitty Hawk but want a little bit of luxury feels at the same time, then this hotel is for you.

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3. Outer Banks Inn: Even though this hotel is a cheap place to stay in Kitty Hawk, NC, it has all the basic amenities a good hotel should have. These basic amenities are air conditioning, vending machine, business centre, and daily housekeeping. In addition to these, it is also located close to the beach and has over 40 rooms. If you decide to use this hotel during your stay in Kitty Hawk, you are entitled to free Wi-Fi and parking.

4. Shutters on the Banks: This cheap but magnificent hotel is located right on the beach. Cool, right? This hotel’s basic amenities are an outdoor and indoor pool, gym, air conditioning, and business centre. But that’s not all. As a guest, you have access to free Wi-Fi and parking. However, you are not allowed to smoke in the hotel.

5. Sea Ranch Resort: This resort is one of the cheap places to stay in Kitty Hawk, NC, and is also perfect for families who want a vacation. As a guest staying at the hotel, you can decide to swim in the indoor pool or visit the fitness centre, which houses a gym. Air conditioning, breakfast, free Wi-Fi, and parking are all part of the basic amenities offered by the resort. Even though this resort is located on the beach, guests are not allowed to smoke.

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The population of Kitty Hawk NC

Currently, the population of Kitty Hawk, North Carolina, is 3,665. The population of Kitty Hawk, NC, comprises 98.02% white, 0.82% black American, and 1.12% of people of mixed races.

Visiting without a visa

Not in America? You can visit the United States by filling the online esta application form. ESTA, which means an electronic system for a travel authorization, is responsible for granting permission to citizens from visa waiver counties to visit the United States. When filling an esta application online, you need to provide your personal information, passport details, and other important documents.

After applying, you can check esta status after 24 hours to see if you have been granted permission to visit the United States. If you have been granted permission, you mustn’t exceed 90 days during your visit to the United States. It is advised, however, that you apply for esta permission before you purchase a flight ticket.

After receiving permission to travel to the USA, you can utilize the application status for as long as two years. In the 2nd year, you will need to reapply for the program. Note that the permission is not to enter into the country but to enter the country but for you to land in the country. At the airport, the customs officers will decide if you can enter or not.

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Kitty Hawk Garden Center

For over a decade, Kitty Hawk Garden Center is responsible for providing gardening services to both residents and guests of Kitty Hawk. In addition to the landscaping and gardening services offered by Kitty Hawk Garden Center, they also provide a wide variety of plants and other ornaments common in North Carolina.

Kitty Hawk Watersports

Are you searching for a company that offers all kinds of water recreation in Kitty Hawk? Kitty Hawk Watersports is your best bet. That is because they offer kiteboarding, paddling, and parasail lessons for beginners. But that’s not all. They also rent windsurfing equipment and jet skis.

Flights to Kitty Hawk NC

Below is the list of flights to Kitty Hawk, NC.

  • DELTA- a one-way trip to Kitty Hawk, and it costs $67.
  • DELTA- roundtrip to Kitty Hawk, and it costs $128.
  • American Airlines- a one-way trip to Kitty Hawk, and it costs $621.
  • QATAR- a one-way trip to Kitty Hawk, and it costs $1,549.
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