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7 Tips for Maintaining Your Classic Car’s Value

Owning a classic car requires sound maintenance to give you that pleasure you got it for and keep it attractive as ever. But that doesn’t only involve cleaning the vehicle as many think; instead, driving it regularly, constantly checking the fluids, maintaining the car engine and any other part of the car.

That sounds expensive, right? However, a classic car is one of your overpriced assets; keeping it in good condition maintains its value. You will get a considerable profit in the future if you decide to sell it.

Now, let’s check on 7 tips for maintaining your classic car’s value:

Keep your car original

Although it’s tempting to modify your car, keep it as original as you can. It’s fun driving a classic car with a remarkable modification that suits you, but the problem comes when you decide to sell the vehicle. The more changes a car has, the more the value decreases.

If it is about repair parts, don’t use modern parts as they lower the car value; instead, research where you get original spare parts for your classic car model. Don’t also spray your car with a different paint color, even if it’s very affordable; always check on genuine dealers of your model to avoid messing up the end value.

Keep your car clean

Maintain your classic car clean always, don’t wait for dust or dirt to build upon your vehicle. A car doesn’t require cleaning only when in use; even when it’s parked, keep it clean. Cleaning prevents rust, blemishing of paint, and reduced performance.

Unlike other cars that you can clean using machines, your classic car doesn’t need that, as the device can even scratch your expensive classic car. So, consider cleaning and drying your vehicle with your hands alone using soft clothes.

Once you are done cleaning, rinse the car sufficiently to remove any remaining soap foam and watermarks. Note, don’t use abrasive detergents that can remove your car paint. As you keep your exterior attractive, don’t forget the interior. Ensure it also glow by removing all stains and dirt.

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Store your classic car well

Proper car storage prevents extreme weather from damaging your vehicle like cold, rain, sun and dust. Cold weather may lead to mechanical issues, while the sun will fade your car paint. If your car remains in an open place where it ruins frequently or the environment is very moist, it will lead to rusting and engine malfunctions.

Besides, extreme wind may blow foreign materials into your car, which can cause scratches and dents. Therefore, you need to keep your car safe from extreme weather by covering it while in parking or keep it in a good structure that is safe for the car.

If you need to store your vehicle during the summer or winter season, ensure you give it the necessary maintenance like changing the oil, etc.

Familiarize yourself with the car

Here, ensure you know your car in and out by reading the owner’s manual, whether it’s your first car or an addition to your collection. In that way, you will take care of the vehicle as the manual gives you an understanding of the car terms, parts, and how to identify a mechanical problem.

You will also get ideas of most of the car needs, preventing severe damages to your vintage car that may cost you a lot to repair. Don’t worry if you no longer own the user manual; you can get a copy online or contact car collectors like the classic Italian cars.

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Wax and pump the brakes constantly

Waxing gives your classic car that shiny appearance after painting. It also preserves your vehicle paint from damages, especially when you drive on salty or grime roads. If your car paint is in good condition, you can always wax every time you wash your car or use hard waxes that last for long.

Note, if your car paint starts to fade, don’t use wax; instead, call a professional to paint to help you out.

Most classic cars have loud engines that will keep on attracting people while you are driving. However, you should make sure the only audible voice your car emits is from the engine and not brakes squealing by constantly pumping them.

Regular checkups

Although as you continue using your classic car, you will get some car maintenance or mechanics knowledge, sometimes get a qualified mechanic to do the checkups. In that way, problems that may reoccur unnoticed due to a lack of simple adjustments or repair will be prevented.

Ensure your tires are in good condition, as wearing of tires unnoticed may cause accidents. If your car is parked, rotate your tires regularly, as it helps to increase durability. Also, skilled mechanics will help you get the best spare parts for your classic car at affordable prices, unlike when you go looking for spares alone.

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Change your oil and oil filter regularly

A car engine is essential, and the engine condition will determine your car value. Thus, change your oil filter and the oil regularly to prevent any complications in the future. Maintain your car oil at the correct level as it lubricates and reduces heating in vital car parts, as well as removing impurities that may harm your car engine.

As you change your oil, don’t use any oil, but specific oil made for that classic car model. If you have no idea which oil to go for, check your manual for insights. Changing the oil filter regularly ensures your engine performance is okay as it keeps away dust and pollution.


With a classic car, people’s attention on the road is something you cannot avoid. Don’t be so timid that you can’t even take a ride to the GYM or a shop, as regular riding is part of keeping the car’s value. Don’t leave your car in the parking for too long, as your car’s rubber components and the engine may get leaks, depriving the car value.

At least per month, ensure you drive your vintage car once or twice if you have a busy schedule to ensure the engine keeps running correctly. Remember to familiarize yourself with the car manual, as it will help you know the ins and outs of your car.

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