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6 Reasons Why Tissot Is the Watch Brand for You

Officially introduced in 1853, Tissot is one of the prominent luxury watch brands that offer high-caliber watches worth your money to invest in. It was founded by Charles-Emile Tissot, together with his father Charles-Felicien, in the humble town of Crêt-Vaillant, Le Locle, Switzerland. At first, the company used to sell pocket watches as it was the most-picked time-telling tool accessory back then.

Of course, as time went by, everything was also changing, including the brand. From a small company selling pocket watches, they are now renowned as one of the best manufacturers of luxury wristwatches, ensuring to watch aficionados that each timepiece they produce is made out of premium materials. Plus, the brand ensures to create its own distinction and style to the overall appearance of the watches. To convince you more why owning a luxury watch from the wide collections of Tissot is worth investing in, we have listed here the top seven reasons why you should never hesitate to buy one. Check these out!


If you want to add an accessory that can help prove how attractive you are, wearing a luxury watch on your wrist is definitely the first move. Yes, there are many luxury brands out there, but wearing a Tissot watch just feels so different. As the brand offers a wide collection, you can always pick your preferred style and the vibes you want to show to the people around you. For instance, wearing a Tissot Seastar 1000 brings so much pride, as it is not just an elegant and top-notch diver watch. Tissot ensures to create this out of the greatest craftsmanship of Swiss engineering displayed on the watch.

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High-quality materials

Being one of the Swiss luxury brands, Tissot ensures maintaining its great reputation by producing watches out of high-quality materials. They are always renowned for creating such authentic timepieces, with a touch of 18k gold, as its one material. Plus, Tissot only picks the best materials, with the watch cases are made from stainless steel known for their durability. As for its high-end watches, it always comes with a gold-plated material for its delicate finish. When it comes to sports styles, Tissot usually coated these watches with PVD to ensure their durability.

Unique style

The brand produces a wide collection of watches, allowing every watch buyer and collector to pick what they really want to own. They offer watches for men and women, and it always comes with its distinction and unique identity. For instance, one of its automatic watches is the Tissot XL, and you can easily identify this watch because of the sporty and trendy style it offers. There is always something in each timepiece of Tissot that can let you instantly recognize it. You can always check and have a short review at The Watch Company luxury watch site or visit the Tissot watch site directly to understand what we’re meant to say.

Affordable prices

One notable thing about Tissot is how it offers luxury watches at a very reasonable price. They offer the same quality as other prominent Swiss brands, but they ensure that it comes with a much lower price. Tissot is one of the longest-standing watch manufacturers, and for that, many watch enthusiasts who already proved how exceptional their timepieces are and called it an “affordable luxury watch.” Even if your budget is under $1000, you can still get top-notch quality and stylish watches.

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Tissot is not a popular watch brand for no reason. They are always known and praised for their innovation in design to each of their timepieces. Plus, knowing how high-caliber it is, it is no wonder why many people, even not a horologist, repeatedly recognized the brand.

More than that, they are also named as the Official Timekeeper and Partner of many sports associations. One great example is their partnership with the famous basketball organization, NBA. They have also created a strong connection to the world of motorsports with MotoGP™ and the FIM World Superbike Championship, to the world of rugby sports association with the RBS 6 Nations Championship, TOP14, the European Rugby Champions, and Challenge Cups; to the world of cycling with Tour de France and the UCI World Cycling Championships. On top of it, they also serve as the Official Timekeeper during the World Championship of ice hockey, fencing, and AFL.

Amazing value

There is no question that smartphones play a huge part in people’s lives today. But as time changes, so do the quality and style of these smartphones as well. So, if you are thinking of one thing to invest in, never hesitate to follow your instinct buying a luxury brand that holds its value even generation after generation.

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The Swiss manufacturer never loses its value if years go on. With its rich history existing centuries ago, and that still captures the people’s attention in the present, is one proof of how watches continue to hold their value. One brand that you can ensure to constantly hold its value and sell like a piece of art and bring much fortune in the future is TISSOT. It is one of the Swiss luxury brands that offer high-caliber and excellent timepieces that are surely worth buying and investing in. You can always pick what model or type of watch you want to own, as there are many collections that Tissot offers.

In a Nutshell

Owning a luxury watch brings so much pride to anyone. This is not just a time-telling accessory providing you precisely the time as of the moment but is a piece of an heirloom that you considered part of your identity as a person. Yes, it is undeniable that hundreds of luxury watch brands today, but opting to Tissot will never be a waste of time and money. They always offer authentic, high-caliber watches of your style and preference. So, with all that being said, there is no doubt now that owning a Tissot watch is definitely all worth it.

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