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What You Need To Know When Moving To a New Apartment

Moving to a new apartment is not a common event in life. If you do not know all the nuances of the process, you may encounter great difficulties and stress. What to do? How to organize everything? How to pack? With what moving company in Boston to move? – Answers to all these questions you will learn in this article


It will be easier if you determine in advance what you take with you and what you don’t. Some of the furniture may not fit in the new interior and something will have to be done with it, this also applies to other things

– Sell (if you think the item has a material value).

– Throw away

– Donate (you can give it to some charity organization and do a good deed).

– Give away


You can buy packaging at a hardware store. You can also ask around for boxes at private stores or moving companies. You will need

  • boxes in large quantities;
  • wide tape;
  • colored markers;
  • stickers;
  • bubble wrap;
  • colored tape.
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You should pack by room. Things should be distinctive in each room, and this can be done by using different markers or tape. Each box should be signed, and the most frequently used items should be marked with the signature – Open first. The main goal is to have a clear understanding of what and where


It’s best to pack clothes and soft items in bags. Bulky items such as blankets, pillows, and down jackets should be packed in vacuum bags. When you pack everything don’t forget to sign all the things.


Prepare in advance and if your home has items and things with specific properties. It makes sense that the way you pack dishes and washing machine will be very different

Cabinet furniture

– Cabinet furniture should be dismantled.

– Each item should be packed separately. Unscrew all handles, legs, and wheels.

– If it is a cabinet, each shelf should be wrapped in packing material.

– The body should be wrapped in air bubble wrap, and the bottom and top wrapped in cardboard, or even better-corrugated cardboard (it is more reliable).

– The fittings should be assembled and placed in a bubble wrap bag and attached to the item to be packed (so as not to get tangled up later).

– Each piece should be signed, preferably with a black marker.

– If you still have diagrams of the furniture assembly, attach them nearby they will definitely be useful to you.

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Upholstered furniture

– In general, the algorithm is similar to the packing of cabinet furniture.

– Disassemble the furniture in the first place

– If you have a folding sofa it needs to “deactivate” ie to tie the folding mechanism

– Cushions and other items must be packed separately

– Decorative articles should be protected with cardboard

– Affix the fittings to the end piece as well

– Put a special profile or also cardboard over the feet


  • Here, the larger the package in terms of quantity, the better. With the help of bubble wrap at least 3 times around your glass object, you can reduce the risk of damage in transit
  • Next, use cardboard. Polyethylene foam as a frame for the object
  • And of course, don’t forget about labeling.


If you have a pet, consider how best to prepare it and move it to a new apartment.


Once you arrive, it’s not difficult to get tangled in the wires. Group the wires in advance with colored tape, depending on which appliances they belong to


A private professional mover is likely to be more profitable to deliver your cargo. Of course, it is better to work with a company under an official contract, and it is desirable to ensure the cargo, by the way, check whether they issue an insurance certificate. Since you have an apartment move you better fit a separate vehicle where there will only be your things, so it is safer, you do not confuse your cargo with someone else’s as may occur when shipping cargo from a group. Be sure when you compare not only rely on the price criterion but also on the conditions of transportation in general. Look at reviews, not only on the carrier’s website but also on third-party resources.

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If the journey is not a short distance get ready a bag with personal belongings. It is worthwhile to take with you:

– Documents and valuables

– Change of clothes

– Toiletries and hygiene products

– Chargers


Once you have decided on the carrier, you need to specify the date of the move in advance, preferably a week in advance, so that the logistics manager chose the most suitable car for you. Hire movers if necessary


The day before the move you should check the list of what and where is lying, take your time and carefully of course


With the help of the information in this article and its use of moving will become much easier. But do not forget everything is very individual and certainly, in your situation, something can be different.

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