With Which Cryptocurrencies You Can Buy Gift Cards?

Due to the increased importance of gift cards in the secondary market, almost every seller accepts payment through it. Most stores have launched their gift cards as well. At the same time, cryptocurrency is paving its way through the market at the speed of light, so many platforms are selling gift cards in exchange for crypto.

If you are wondering which cryptocurrencies can you use to get gift cards, then hold on tight. We will uncover that soon!

We will cover the following things in this article:

  • Cryptos suitable for getting gift cards
  • How do gift cards work?
  • Which gift cards can you buy with different cryptocurrencies?
  • How to buy gift cards with cryptocurrency?
  • Some extra tips

Suitable Cryptocurrencies For Purchasing Gift Cards

Although nearly every cryptocurrency is acceptable for purchasing gift cards, here are some popular ones.

  • XRP
  • Bitcoin
  • Ethereum
  • Dogecoin

Now, let’s check out the type of gift cards you can buy with each of the mentioned cryptocurrencies.

Which Gift Cards Can You Buy With :


Despite being relatively new in the digital marketplace, XRP is great for gamers. You can get any gift card to purchase game-related goodies such as consoles or to make in-game purchases. Plus, you can get a gift card to subscribe to music and movie streaming sites as well with XRP.

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Moreover, you can get gift cards for famous PC games such as MOBA or Battle Royal games. So, if you are a gamer and own XRP, then it’s your lucky day!


Due to being widely popular and in demand, bitcoin can be used to buy a variety of gift cards. You can use your bitcoins to get gift cards from several brands, from retailers like Target, restaurants like dominos to movie tickets, and even Uber. You will receive a gift card with bitcoins promptly within 30 minutes. If you need to attain crypto to purchase gift cards choose one of the best Bitcoin exchange platforms that offers the best fees.


You can buy any gift card with Ethereum ranging from entertainment, food, clothes, games, or accessories. Most platforms won’t even charge you any fees for using Ethereum for purchasing gift cards. All you have to do is to follow the simple steps that are mentioned further in the article to make your purchase.


Surprisingly, the meme cryptocurrency is now being used as a mode of payment on various platforms. Just like XRP, you can buy digital goodies with Dogecoin. For instance, you can get gift cards for Netflix or Spotify subscriptions along with Playstation, Nintendo, or Xbox. Also, you can buy Amazon gift cards as well.

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How do Gift Cards work?

A gift card is a unique type of payment used to shop at stores, restaurants, petrol pumps, and much more. You just have to add money to the card, and you can spend this money at any place that accepts gift cards. Gift cards can be of the following two types.

Open-loop gift card: You can use it wherever the specific brand of that card is accepted. For instance, if your gift card is a Visa, you can use it to shop wherever Visa cards are approved.

Closed-loop gift card: This gift card is quite the opposite of an open-loop gift card. You can only use such gift cards at particular stores. For example, if you buy Walmart gift card, then you can only use it to buy stuff from Walmart. The same goes for other retailers who offer gift cards with their brand name.

How To Buy Digital Gift Cards With Cryptocurrency?

Buying a gift card is no rocket science; you can simply buy a digital gift card through the following steps.

  • Go to any credible platform offering gift cards.
  • Choose the card you want and add it to your cart.
  • During checkout, find and select your cryptocurrency.
  • After that, you will get the wallet address in which you will have to transfer the crypto.
  • Copy and paste the address in your wallet and send the required amount
  • After transferring the crypto, you will receive the gift card in approximately 20 to 30 minutes. If not, then we recommend waiting for 24 hours maximum before contacting customer support.
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Some Extra Tips

  • At some point, you might encounter a seller who accepts gift cards purchased with cash only. So, make sure to click a picture of the receipt after every purchase to be ready for any situation.
  • You must have a clear picture of your card, or else it will get rejected.
  • If you ever want to sell your gift card, you cannot sell it in parts. For instance, you cannot sell $30 from a $50 gift card. You will have to give away the whole card.
  • After uploading all the required data, make sure to click the ‘paid’ button. It will prevent the exchange from expiring and save your details from getting stolen.


You can avail yourself of ultimate convenience by purchasing gift cards with your digital currency. Shopping with such cards allows you to pay with no hassle. Plus, with everyone shifting to gift cards, you don’t want to get left out. So, get out there and use your crypto to load gift cards!

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