Wilsons Leather Corporate office Headquarters

Wilsons Leather History

If you are interested in getting quality leather jackets as well as fashionable ones, the best thing that you can do is look for them in Wilsons Leather. This is a company that has specialized in leather manufacturing. The produced by this company is always of very high quality. The leather jackets from Wilsons Leather are genuine, cools, stylish, of high quality and also genuine

Apart from the leather products, the company also sells belts, handbags, shoes among other leather products. This company was born in the year 1988. The headquarters of the company being in Minneapolis, Minnesota in the united states of America. So far, the company operates 170 retail stores.

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Wilsons Leather Corporate Founder

Founder:David Berman, Ephraim Berman, Alexander Berman

Wilsons Leather Corporate Official Address

Address: 1312 Glenwood Ave, Minneapolis, MN 55405, USA

Wilsons Leather Corporate Contact Details

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