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Why Bigger Isn’t Always Better: Why Smaller Accounting Firms Are Taking Over

Although working with the big four accounting firms is desirable, small accounting firms are taking over daily. Learn more about why you want to partner with a small accounting firm to manage your finances, and with the knowledge acquired, you can determine the best service provider to partner with.

Partnering with well-established accounting firms has its advantages and disadvantages, depending on the services you need. Typically, an established firm like EY or Deloitte serving in the USA or Canada has more clients, meaning your attention is limited.

Thus, choosing a smaller accounting firm like or some local one in your area is advisable since you have ample time to consult and access the staff. By learning more about the advantages of smaller firms, you are one step closer to making an informed decision that could transform your financial management processes.

Ideally, the service provider you work with should know your business needs or personal finance goals. Thus, you want to partner with a trusted group to help you achieve better services. The following are some reasons why smaller accounting firms are taking over:

They Provide More Flexibility

A large finance establishment has been around for years. As a result, they have their work culture already established. Due to this, they are less likely to adjust their work systems to accommodate any needs or suggestions you may have. Even if they do consider your inputs, the approval processes may take longer than you anticipate to result in any changes.

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On the other hand, a smaller accounting firm is more likely to be flexible with various terms. For example, they are more open to negotiating charges for their services. Similarly, they can accommodate your suggestions for their work policies for easier collaborations. Hence, their flexibility makes the firms an easier choice, resulting in faster growth.

It Is Easier to Provide Feedback and Maintain Engagements

A smaller company is more likely to provide customer access than a larger firm. This is often possible due to the reduced bureaucracy and persons to approve communication. For example, if you know the owner of a small firm as a personal friend, you can provide a suggestion during a casual meeting. If they decide to take it seriously, they can make the necessary adjustments and create a suitable finance management system for you.

Based on this, you are more likely to be satisfied with their services and recommend the firm to others needing accounting help. Over time, the small firm grows to accommodate new clients while maintaining existing systems and relationships.

Better and More Genuine Relationships Develop

Although you can develop a lasting relationship with your accountant from a large firm, they often have a large clientele. Subsequently, the time they allocate to strengthen their professional-client relationship may be limited.

Additionally, if the accountant is to meet with your business clients to discuss the financial standpoints, they may rely solely on numerical factors. Due to this, clients find it more challenging to establish a lasting relationship with the firm’s representative, which is important for a healthy business.

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On the other hand, working with an accountant from a smaller firm means they have fewer workloads. Hence, they can easily form relationships with your business clients and advise them elaborately. Not only does this promote quality service provision, but it also enhances trust in your business.

The impact of lasting client relationships can propel your business to a successful path, provided you take the time to cultivate relationships. Therefore, this factor is important to establish and secure by choosing a more involved firm.

There is Better Service Accessibility

Being on a waiting list for days or weeks can be quite disadvantageous and frustrating, especially when you require urgent assistance with an accounting issue. The situation arises more when dealing with larger accounting firms than smaller ones because of their many clients. Consequently, you risk facing serious problems with personal or business finances unless you can find an alternative or temporary solution.

Why not consider working with a smaller firm to avoid uncertainty and long waiting periods before receiving services? They have more accessible systems, including a dispatch option to receive professional help as soon as possible. Moreover, the more you work with a smaller firm, the easier they identify your needs and tailor-make their services to suit you. You can expect effective solutions and services every time you work with them.

Smaller Accounting Establishments Provide a Wider Range of Services

Due to the lasting work culture in larger finance companies, they may have a fixed range of services available. Thus, you may need to retain a third party to fulfill any accounting requests beyond the firm’s service list. This can delay your access to remedies, primarily because finding a suitable third party to partner with may take some time.

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However, since many smaller firms are trying to grow their clientele, they are more likely to offer a broader range of financial services to your benefit. You do not have to sign multiple contracts with other service providers, so that you will operate under a one-stop-shop model. Similarly, your service rates will remain relatively high compared to contracting multiple accountants to sustain your finance needs.

You Work With Motivated Professionals

A professional working with a small to medium firm is more likely to be motivated than those available in larger firms. The primary reason is that the professional still has room to grow, meaning they can take on tasks with more motivation.

You want to work with a highly motivated person because their input can directly impact how well they track and manage your funds. Hence, gauging how well your finance team takes on tasks is important to determine if they have the necessary motivation.


Smaller finance management companies are taking over, and you want to ride the wave to reap the maximum benefits available. By partnering with a smaller firm in the USA or Canada, you are more likely to receive value for your money and more premium services. Since your feedback is also easier to provide, you can directly influence your business’s success through the accounting services you receive.

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