Drug Abuse

What Are the Signs of Drug Abuse?

Did you know that there are around 275 million people addicted to drugs? While over 36 million people suffered from drug use disorders! These figures show how much of a problem drug addiction is, not only in first-world countries but around the world too.

How much do you know about the telltale signs of drug abuse? Read on to learn everything that you need to know on the subject.

Impulsive Mood Swings

Many drugs when consumed heavily impair a person’s ability to effectively manage their emotions. If someone goes from happy, to a sudden bout of depression and vice versa, it could be a sign that they are using some sort of drug.

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Another sign is if that person is generally a happy, outgoing person for most of their life but a sudden swing into waves of depression that are uncharacteristic, could be a sign of drug abuse. A Place like Hope Rising Recovery can give you more information on drug addiction mood swings.

Bad Sleep Habits

Drug abuse tends to wreak havoc on normal sleeping habits. Stimulants and depressants hinder the hormones responsible for tiredness and wakefulness so a person doesn’t know when it’s time to sleep or if they are even tired.

Opposite effects can also be true and a drug-addicted person can experience bouts of tiredness and sleep for days when the drugs leave their system. If persons sleeping habits are out of the norm then it might be the drugs causing it and a tell-tale sign.

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Secretive Behavior

Drug use can cause paranoia in a user and cause that person to withdraw from their usual relationships and become secretive. Most drug users feel some sort of shame about their behavior, which can also cause them to become reclusive from other people or social settings.

If your family member or loved one, is becoming secretive, spends lots of time alone in their room, doesn’t share details about their life when they once did, and becomes defensive when asked about, could all be signs pointing towards drug use.

Lack Of Enthusiasm

Substance abuse takes away the mind’s reward system and severely dulls the senses. Take note if someone is becoming complacent or not caring about something that they once took great pride in. It may mean they are funneling all their energy into the addiction and only care about that particular drug.

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Frequently failing to show up, not following through on plans, and not performing in a sport can all be indicators the person is using.

Don’t Let Signs Of Drug Abuse Control Your Life

Yes, drug addiction is a worldwide pandemic and breaks up even the best of homes. The good news is if you take note of the following signs of drugs abuse you can catch the addiction early and get treatment before it begins to take over a person’s life.

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