Stop And Shop Corporate office Headquarters

Stop And Shop History

Based in Quincy, Massachusetts, Stop and Shop was founded by the Rabinowitz family in 1914 as the Economy Grocery Stores Company. After some years, they came up with the new self-service supermarket model. In order to grow their business, they started selling meats, produce, milk, dairy, and some frozen foods in addition to the grocery items they were already distributing. They started growing by leaps and bounds and by 1946, they were owners of 86 stores. People can purchase with their smartphones using SCAN IT! Mobile, which was introduced back in 2010; earlier it was done using a specific handheld device.

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Stop And Shop Corporate Founder

Founder: The Rabinovitz/Rabb family

Stop And Shop Corporate Official Address

Address: 1385 Hancock St, Quincy, MA 02169, USA

Stop And Shop Corporate Contact Details

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