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Some of the Best Chick Flick Films Ever Made

The chick flick genre is perfect for girls and women of any age, and the relation that can be made throughout some films within this genre is unmatched! Some popular chick flicks are even shown on live TV channels making your weekday or weekend evening go from 0-100. Click here for

Tv aerial installation . However, it can be difficult to navigate your way towards the best chick flicks so we are here to give you a quick breakdown of some of our favorites!

Bride Wars 2009

Since they were young children, all Emma and Liv had ever dreamed of was reaching their wedding day, and experiencing it with each other. Fast forward years on, and they finally become engaged with the man of their dreams, on the same day! As the wedding planning begins, the girls set their special days, on separate dates in the same month, with the reputable wedding planner, Marion St. Claire. All is well until events take an unexpected twist and their weddings end up scheduled on the same day! Their friendship is truly put to the test in a mission to sabotage each other to secure that specific date, and the carnage and war of the brides begin!

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Bridesmaids 2011

Well, it seems as though all great chick flicks include a wedding setting, a bride, and some crazy bridesmaids! Financially unstable Annie does not have a lot going for her in life, and the only positive thing that remains is the fact that her best friend Lillian has just made her maid of honour. Upon meeting the rest of the bridesmaids at the engagement party, there are a few clashes in character. However, Annie takes it upon herself to outdo another bridesmaid to prove that she is the better friend, and the wild ride begins. Featuring the likes of Kristen Wiig, Rose Bryne, Maya Rudolph, and Melissa McCartney, you will be sure to laugh your head off at this popular chick flick film.

John Tucker Must Die 2006

In this early 2000s chick flick film, Jesse Metcalfe plays the ultimate bad boy whose taste seems to be dating three women at once? When a new girl Kate relocates to a school in Oregon with her single mother, she soon learns that the well-respected and popular basketball player, John Tucker, is dating not one but three girls, all from different cliques within their school. The only reason no one has found out is that he claims that relationships must be kept a secret from his father. When the three girls find out about one another, the plot to sabotage him begins. With the help of new girl Kate, they aim to get their revenge on John, hence the title, “John Tucker Must Die.”

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To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before 2018

A young and reserved Lara Jean chooses a different way to express her feelings. Rather than tell boys directly that she has an interest in them, or even tell her friends or sisters, she decides to write her feelings in a letter, address it to the boy and… lock it away in her closet for no one to find. That is until her younger sister gets her hands on the letters and sends them out to their recipients! This comes to Lara Jean’s surprise when one of her crushes approaches her in school with the letter. As you can probably imagine, a shy Lara Jean enters a state of shock and panic. As romance blooms with one of the addressees, we guess the only person Lara Jean has to thank is her sister? This modern-day chick flick film can be found on Netflix alongside the further two movies in the franchise. Give them all a watch!

Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging 2008

This UK chick flick film was the ultimate hit when it was released back in 2008. It demonstrates the life of Georgia Groome, a teenager with insecurities, who is not the most popular in the school, but certainly has a blooming personality. The film follows her life, demonstrating all of the issues that young adolescent girls experience with school, their family and friends, and love. Keeping daily updates in her diary, Georgia demonstrates the struggles of a teen girl by documenting her life and conflicts, and the audience begins to watch her reach her end goal of securing her big-time crush, Robbie. Georgia’s character, her atypical group of friends, and her iconic cat Angus will be sure to keep you and your friends laughing the whole way through.

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The Kissing Booth 2018

The market-leading streaming platform, Netflix, certainly produces when it comes to chick flick productions, which is again shown in yet another original that progressed to a trilogy. There’s nothing wrong with having a romantic interest as a teenager, in fact, it is pretty harmless. The only reason it would cause harm would be if your crush happened to be your childhood best friends’ older brother. Young Elle Evans finds herself in quite a dilemma after she sets up a kissing booth as part of a school Spring carnival as she comes face to face with her secret crush in the booth. Does Elle choose to stay loyal to her lifelong best friend by not crossing any rules, or does she choose to follow her heart? Tune into this teen romance film on Netflix to find out!

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