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Software Development Outsourcing Trends: What To Expect In 2021

Initially, outsourcing was mainly used in such service sectors. It’s, for example, professional security services or logistics. A new round of development began in 2009. Then, as a result of the global financial crisis. And outsourcing became increasingly important in attracting human resources (HR), high-tech industry (IT), white-collar operational functionality. It covered a wide range of financial services.

Outsourcing continues to gain traction, transforming the way we do business in the global marketplace. Both locally and globally, while maintaining its growth position over the past decades. The use by companies of the services of external contractors, specialists in a particular industry, helps at the same time to increase the competitiveness of their company in dynamically developing industries. As well as to gain access to the necessary professional resources with a certain reduction in their own costs to solve the assigned tasks. Modern software development trends are numerous.

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The Rise Of Narrowly Specialized Boutique Software Companies

We can say that online trading will stay with us. This again means investing in IT, not offline stores. This, in turn, means that there are ample opportunities for outsourcing in terms of infrastructure deployment and software development. There is already a shortage of programmers all over the world. Since the demand for the development of IT services exceeds the supply. A special surge in IT outsourcing is observed in the countries of Eastern Europe. They are developing 4-5 times faster than the global outsourcing market. It’s thanks to the rapid growth in the export of experts to the USA and Europe.

Another important aspect is that outsourcing is becoming more versatile with it outsourcing company – 8allocate. For example, based on the experience of the data center business. As well as if you look at the market. Then it’s simply renting racks. It provides equipment placement that is no longer interesting to customers. They want their business objectives to be implemented in one place. That is, a client gives some of the business processes to an external supplier. Then he expects that the IT infrastructure and software will be a complex solution. He needs one responsible person for the SLA level.

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Customers Will Crave Enhanced Experience With AI And IoT

Artificial intelligence can help make your business smarter and more efficient. With AI, you can better predict what shoppers will buy. You can use autonomous vehicles and robots and can implement more voice assistants. Moreover, you can add facial recognition to your safety. You can add structure to unstructured data. Also, you can support bots to your website, and add intelligence to the software that you produce. In fact, the usefulness of AI hasn’t slowed down yet.

High Demand For Blockchain Services

Discussing the role and status of blockchain in the state ecosystem, experts unanimously came to the conclusion that the recognition of blockchain has already come. Many government agencies already take technology for granted. A qualitative transformation̆ in the context of the blockchain is that it has become much easier to communicate the value of the blockchain to customers. An understanding of specific use cases, potential benefits and possible consequences has been developed.

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A Growing Need For Increased Cybersecurity

Cybercrime and attacks are expected to rise. It includes those targeting critical infrastructures. In such conditions, it is especially important to use security products and solutions that meet the requirements of the time. It implements automation of information security and strengthens the authentication of remote users. Specialists of are ready to help to solve such issues.

An Increasing Interest For Progressive Web Apps

As more and more people move away from desktops, you will want to keep their business. The best path to success is a mobile-friendly website and mobile app. If your development department cannot meet the assigned tasks, you should consider outsourcing these development efforts.

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