Software Testing

Pros and Cons of Manual Software Testing

There are 2 main types: automatic and manual. These types of testing are at the forefront of all technology companies. Regardless of the type of product, its verification is mandatory. In the first case, the verification stage is carried out using special tools, in the second case, a person monitors the quality control.

In order to properly plan which type should be used in a particular case, you need to know the advantages and disadvantages of each, as well as the principle of operation. Proper planning can save developers time and money. And manual software testing services are at the center of attention.

Features of manual testing

Manual software testing is the process of interaction between a programmer and software in order to find errors and flaws. A large amount of time is required for high-quality work, but with small volumes it is quite convenient and inexpensive.

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The advantages of manual testing

User feedback and UI feedback

The report that the tester will provide as a result of his work is a kind of feedback from a potential user of the project. In addition, it is possible to test the interface and get a detailed analysis showing all the pros and cons of not only functionality, but also design.

Low cost

In this case, there is no need to purchase special tools to automate the process, only the work of the tester is paid.

Testing “here and now”

It can be done by Minor changes can be analyzed right away without writing any code.

Possibility of conducting mini-research. With the help of manual testing, you can test various capabilities of programs and applications; test scripts are invented in the process.

Disadvantages of manual testing

Human factor

A person can perfectly analyze the interface, give detailed feedback, but some errors may go unnoticed.

Labor intensity

The manual testing process takes much longer. In addition, it is difficult to re-check even after minor code changes.There is no way to simulate the load on the software, for example, a large number of users.

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If there is a whole QA team, then such testing will not be problematic. But it is mainly used in small companies or in the early stages of development of large corporations. In the future, the growth in the number of software products produced implies the need to increase the staff of specialists. There is another method that will allow you to maintain or even improve the quality of finished programs without attracting additional staff and that’s is upgrading your business software to a more sophisticated and multi-functional system that will allow combining different areas of your operations. You can check theoptions

To sum up

Before choosing a specific type of testing, you need to draw up a detailed plan for the life cycle of the future application. If you plan to make many changes, add new functionality, update the application, then automation of the testing process becomes mandatory. This approach is based on tests.

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First of all, the test should be compact – within 15 lines maximum to test one requirement. This will make it easy to read, and immediately evaluate the intended test scenario. It should be repeatable, that is, it should give the same result every time it is run. The algorithm of the test should not repeat the algorithm of the tested code. If they match, the software testing will be unreliable, the same errors in the code and test will go unnoticed. When developing a scenario, it is necessary to take into account both positive and negative results. The test should run with one command.

After choosing the type of test, writing it in accordance with the requirements, the testing phase begins. While functional testing can be done manually, regression testing will be more difficult. Thus, in real projects, a combination of manual and automated testing is often used, which makes it possible to make the final software product of higher quality.

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