Plumbing-The Foremost Aspect In Construction and Reconstruction


Plumbing is one of the most important trades in the reconstruction of an apartment, family house, cottage or office. The same goes for shops and commercial spaces.

Installation work, water distribution and heating should be performed by qualified plumbers. Plumbing work requires not only special tools, but also many years of professional experience. Prague plumbers guarantee quality fulfillment of any complexity of plumbing work, just contact a professional company such as For example, plumbing work on laying polypropylene pipes requires special plumbing skills and tools when soldering them. If you have decided for water distribution or heating in copper, you will need an expert who has already covered several thousand kilometers of CU pipes.

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Are you building a house? first provide engineering networks and plumbing.

All plumbing work of our company is carried out according to pre-approved projects – water supply, sewerage and heating project. If you do not have such projects, we will prepare them taking into account all your requirements and wishes for water supply, sewerage, radiator heating, plumbing equipment, etc. only work with quality material suppliers. If it is a boiler, we prefer a quality Czech brand Dražice. We usually use Uponor for underfloor heating, we like that it is one of the brands that, due to its high quality, can afford a warranty of up to 100 years.

Performing plumbing work on the project will allow you to be sure of the quality of the work performed, the correct connection and plumbing work.

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When performing plumbing work according to the project, our company provides a long-term guarantee for all performed plumbing work and used plumbing materials, from a minimum of 2 years.

We have extensive experience in performing complex plumbing work during major repairs or high-quality repairs in European quality for housing units, new buildings, apartment buildings, commercial enterprises and catering facilities in Prague and the Central Bohemian Region.

Properly selected and installed material and plumbing equipment will guarantee flawless plumbing and will last for many years.

List of plumbing work

  • Water distribution and heating in ppr pipes
  • Water distribution and heating in plastic
  • Water distribution and heating in Cu pipes
  • Installation of heat pumps
  • Sanitary installation
  • Waste distribution
  • Engineering network design
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The responsible approach of our professional specialists to their work on the design of water supply systems and high-quality plumbing work is the hallmark of our designers, craftsmen and plumbers.

Plumbing work in a family house and apartment. Plumbing services in Prague and its surroundings. Plumbing work in the apartment and house. Turnkey plumbing work.

When building and carrying out plumbing work in a family house, special attention must be paid to the choice of equipment and materials. We perform all plumbing work with high quality, in accordance with clearly agreed conditions, using professional tools and in accordance with the technologies for performing the relevant plumbing work.

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