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Onyx Black Roof — How Critical Will A Black Roof Heat Up

The facade of a house with a dark roof is gaining its popularity. This is a versatile shade that goes with most material options. The best solution would be to choose light and pastel colors, for example, light green, cream, blue, pink, and white would be ideal. The onyx black roof of the houses should be combined with no more than two shades. Designers usually adhere to this principle when they try to balance individual decor elements, shades of frames, colors of doors, gutter system and other elements.

When choosing the color of the roof, it must be remembered that the shade must be repeated in any other element of the house, its exterior. In most cases, doors, window frames, drain pipes or a plinth are painted with this or a similar color. That is why it is necessary at the initial stage of the transformation of the house to find out if there are exterior elements, the color scheme of which will be combined with the roof of the building, and only then proceed to change the appearance of the roofing.

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How To Choose The Color Of The Roof?

It is worth remembering that the dark color absorbs more light — as a result, in winter your house will get additional ‘isolation’. In summer, we can feel the temperature increase in the attic — if we do not take care of the thermal insulation of the roof during the construction phase.

To understand what color of the facade for a house with a black roof you should choose, before hiring roofing services you should pay attention to the correct visualization. Among the basic principles of the work of experienced designers:

  • The main orientation is taken on the color of the roofing. A good solution for the facade would be to select an option two or three shades lighter than the roof.
  • Preference is given to similar shades. Related colors usually look the most harmonious and do not create a sense of variegation.
  • Identity should be avoided. There should always be a slight, but contrast. This allows you to prevent boring monotony.
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The onyx black roof can emphasize the avant-garde character of the building. The elementary form will add expressiveness not only to the roofing, but also to the plinth, window frames and doors. In order for the house not to seem gloomy, it is best to use large windows, which are a classic option for modern homes.

Specialists performing roofing services did roofing of different types, they can definitely advice you how is better and which one will look more attractive. But, of course, it is always up to you to decide. The dark roof allows for a minimalist, modern building style even if you choose a classic, traditional home design. It is worth noting that houses with dark roofs look best in open spaces, highlighting the entire building. When deciding on a dark roof, think ahead about proper thermal insulation to keep your attic from getting too hot on hot days.

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