Northern Lights feminized seeds


Northern Lights feminized seeds allow growers the world over to cultivate this legendary strain with ease.

A Dutch coffee shop mainstay and darling of Indica fans everywhere, Northern Lights has been providing regal relaxation to stoners for decades. With a slew of awards to its name, Northern Lights has proven its worth time and again. The simple synergy of superior landrace strains serves up an Indica-heavy experience that’s lightened with a chatty, friendly, Sativa-sourced cerebral high. If you’re interested in growing Northern Lights feminized seeds for yourself, but don’t have much experience, fear not. An extremely tolerant and easy-to-grow cultivar, this one’s perfect for beginners. Get the full breakdown of Northern Lights feminized seeds right here. You’ll learn all there is to know about this strain’s flavour, fragrance, effects, and medical applications. We’ll give you some invaluable tips for germinating your Northern Lights feminized seeds and some advice for growing indoors and out.

Are you ready to get into the details of this justifiably legendary strain? Let’s go!

What are Northern Lights feminized seeds

Northern Lights is a tough and resilient strain that’s suitable for any skill level. Growing this iconic cultivar is even easier if you use Northern Lights feminized seeds. Northern Lights feminized seeds were developed by breeders to make growing your own crop of Northern Lights as straightforward as possible. Regular cannabis seeds have an equal chance of sprouting into males or females. Males are useful for seed production, but feminized seeds are your best option if you want a maximal harvest of bud.

Unless breeding is your purpose, male plants pose a threat to your harvest. Nearby females pollinated by males stop producing flowers and instead develop seeds. By planting Northern Lights feminized seeds, you eliminate the possibility of males in your grow area. A male-free garden means no chance of cross-pollination and no wasted resources.

For a stress-free growing experience and maximum yields, make sure your Northern Lights seeds are feminized.

We’re taking a detailed look at the strain below. Before we start, here’s a brief overview of Northern Lights feminized seeds and the properties of their weed.

  • Seed Type: Northern Lights feminized seeds
  • Phenotype: Mostly indica
  • Genetic Background: Afghani x Thai
  • THC: 14–17%
  • CBD: 0–2%
  • Flowering time: 6–8 weeks
  • Effects: Euphoric and relaxing
  • Medical applications: Anxiety, stress, muscle pain, cramps, migraines
  • Flavor / Aroma: Citrus, sweet, earthy
  • Dominant terpenes: myrcene, alpha-pinene, beta-pinene, limonene, eucalyptol
  • Indoor yield: 17.5 oz. per m²
  • Outdoor yield: 31.5 oz. per plant
  • Height: 3–5 feet
  • Grow Difficulty: Beginner

Effects of Northern Lights feminized

Northern Lights has remained a firm favourite among smokers around the world for good reasons. This multi-award-winning cultivar delivers a deliciously relaxing suite of effects and is rightly considered a high watermark for Indica hybrids.

Smoking weed harvested from Northern Lights feminized seeds kicks off with a thoroughly enjoyable cerebral high. Users feel their moods instantly soar as a feeling of euphoria plasters wide smiles on the faces of all present. Alongside feelings of elation comes a burst of energy and increased focus. The invigorating buzz is excellent for making or consuming art and equally apt at creating captivating conversations. The Indica effects of Northern Lights come hot on the heels of the enervating mental high. A soothing sense of warmth seeps across the body, massaging taut muscles with invisible fingers and soothing bodily aches.

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Continue toking and the qualities of the strain compound and create a more gentle buzz. Movement becomes difficult, and couchlock is likely. Smoking more at this point is a surefire ticket to the land of nod for a supremely peaceful sleep. Medicinal users highly value Indica strains for their pain-relieving effects. Weed grown from Northern Lights feminized seeds is no exception. Its positive cerebral effects in conjunction with its potent physical properties make it an eminently popular medicinal strain.

The mood-boosting properties of the Northern Lights can help treat depression and anxiety. Northern Lights’ powerfully relaxing body high provides relief to users with muscular aches, cramps, or chronic pain and greatly helps with insomnia or restlessness. Weed procured from Northern Lights feminized seeds contains a moderate amount of cannabinoids. Buds usually contain 14–17% THC and 0–2% CBD, meaning less experienced smokers can enjoy this strain in moderation without being overwhelmed.

Consuming too much too quickly can result in feelings of anxiety or paranoia in users with low tolerance levels. Other common, less significant side-effects can include cottonmouth, dry eyes, increased appetite, and sleepiness.

Flavours of Northern Lights feminized

Northern Lights feminized seeds develop into stout, bushy specimens bearing dense, lozenge-shaped buds. The swollen nugs become coated in sticky trichomes and flecked with striking gold and amber pistils as they mature. Ripe Northern Lights flowers exude a sweet aroma that’s both earthy and fruity. Notes of pine and mango create an irresistible fragrance that permeates the room. Dried and cured weed harvested from Northern Lights feminized seeds retains and improves its fragrance. Lighting up a joint produces an intensified fruity aroma that begs to be tasted.

Northern Lights delivers a complex mix of flavours. Woodland notes of earth and pine give way to a candy-sweet citrus taste with subtle hints of spice. Exhaling the rich smoke leaves behind an aftertaste of aromatic wood.

How to germinate Northern Lights feminized seeds

Germinating cannabis seeds can understandably cause first-time growers a deal of anxiety. It’s important to remember seeds are naturally disposed to germinate under the right conditions.

All your Northern Lights feminized seeds need to germinate in a dark, moist environment and time. The most natural method is to put the seeds straight in the soil, water them, and wait. This way is acceptable, but many growers prefer methods where they can check progress. We’ll show you two different ways you can use to germinate your Northern Lights feminized seeds. Both are quick, easy, and require minimal equipment. You can also easily check the progress of your marijuana seeds with either.

First up is the paper towel method. You’ll need:

  • Paper towels
  • Bottled or purified water
  • A plate
  • A pair of tweezers
  • Northern Lights feminized seeds

Once you’ve gathered everything you need, follow the steps below:

  1. Take two paper towels and moisten them with some of the bottled water. Gently wring out any excess water from the towels.
  2. Take the plate and lay a damp paper towel on top. Place your Northern Lights feminized seeds onto the towel, leaving sufficient space between each cannabis seed.
  3. Take the other moistened paper towel and cover up the Northern Lights feminized seeds. Tilt the plate, pouring away any excess water.
  4. Put the plate into a warm, dark place where it won’t accidentally be disturbed. A drawer or cupboard is fine.
  5. Leave the feminized Northern Lights seeds alone for at least 12 hours. Afterward, check the marijuana seeds every day, re-moistening the towel to keep everything moist if necessary.
  6. When you start to see white taproots emerging from your Northern Lights feminized seeds, it’s time to plant. Use the tweezers to carefully move the germinated marijuana seeds into your growing medium of choice.
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The next method involves placing the marijuana seeds in water. You only need a glass tumbler and bottled or purified water for this one. Simply follow these steps:

  1. Half fill a glass tumbler with purified or bottled water. Glass makes it easy to check on your germinating cannabis seeds.
  2. Pop your Northern Lights feminized seeds into the glass, where they’ll likely float. After a few hours of softening up, they’ll stop floating and slowly sink to the bottom of the glass.
  3. Take the glass and put it in a warm, dark place where it won’t be spilled or disturbed. Check-in with your feminized Northern Lights seeds once or twice a day.
  4. Your Northern Lights feminized seeds likely won’t germinate all at once. As you check the seed, move any opened seeds from the water to their medium. You don’t want to leave opened seeds sitting in water for too long.

Either of the methods listed above makes germinating Northern Lights feminized seeds a piece of cake.

Northern Lights feminized seeds grow information

Northern Lights feminized seeds are almost effortlessly easy to grow and a perfect cultivar for novice farmers. A stable genetic profile with a wealth of Afghani genes creates a resilient and tough strain that flourishes inside or out in any medium. Indoor cultivation of Northern Lights feminized seeds allows growers to carefully control their environment to maximize yields. Keep your temperatures between 70–80°F and watch humidity levels during flower; they shouldn’t be higher than 50%. The short 3–5 foot plants don’t need any vertical management, but they’ll appreciate regular pruning to maximize airflow. The sturdy lateral branches easily carry the weight of their sticky, fragrant buds.

After a relatively short flowering time of 6–8 weeks indoors, it’s time to harvest the swollen flowers and start curing. Indoor gardeners can expect generous yields of 17.5 oz. /m². You can grow Northern Lights feminized seeds outside with excellent results. Like most cultivars, warm, sunny climates are ideal, but Northern Lights is tolerant of cooler environments. With a lack of environmental controls, pruning your plants becomes more important outdoors. Removing unnecessary branches promotes flower growth and maximizes airflow around the buds.

Outdoor cultivators should aim to harvest Northern Lights around September in the Northern hemisphere. Sunkissed plants deliver huge yields of bud. Under optimal conditions, expect to harvest a massive 31 oz. of weed from every plant.

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Genetics of Northern Lights feminized seeds

The creation of Northern Lights is somewhat up in the air. Some believe the iconic indica was first created in Seattle, while others propose a Dutch origin. Regardless of where it first sprouted, Northern Lights continues to hold the attention of smokers worldwide.

While its place of origin might be unclear, the genetic lineage behind Northern Lights feminized seeds is plain and simple. Northern Lights is the wonder child of two pure landrace strains; a hardy Afghani Indica and a fruity Thai Sativa.

The resulting cross contains a 90/10% Indica/Sativa split, giving Northern Lights its famously weighty body high.

You can take a look at the genetic lineage of feminized Northern Lights seeds in the table below.

Afghani Indica
Northern Lights
Thai Sativa

Where to buy Northern Lights feminized seeds

As one of the most popular strains globally, Northern Lights is easily found in dispensaries, providing you’re in a legal state. Depending on your situation, Northern Lights feminized seeds shouldn’t be too hard to get your hands on. You can check in physical seed stores if your state allows the sale of cannabis seeds. With some luck, you’ll find some feminized Northern Lights seeds.

One concern with physical stores is seed quality. Smaller stores can lack the budget to provide adequate environmentally-controlled storage for their cannabis seeds. The result is that often, seeds are left sitting behind counters for long periods, which can affect viability. You might find better quality Northern Lights feminized seeds at a medical dispensary. Of course, this requires a doctor’s recommendation, which adds cost and time to your efforts. The best way to ensure you’re buying top-quality cannabis seeds is to use a reputable online seed bank. Several options exist, offering high-quality seeds at reasonable prices.

If you’re after a recommendation, we’ve got nothing but good things to say about Homegrown Cannabis Co. They offer a varied selection of over 400 marijuana seed varieties, including Northern Lights feminized seeds. Homegrown Cannabis Co. also provides a huge amount of information and advice on all the strains they carry. Take a look at the wealth of info they’ve got on Northern Lights feminized seeds, for example. Click here to know more about the strain.

Homegrown Cannabis Co. carries only the highest-quality, highly viable, genetically stable marijuana seeds. They can deliver Northern Lights feminized seeds to USA customers quickly and discreetly while providing unsurpassed customer support.

Brighten your night with Northern Lights

Growing your own Northern Lights feminized seeds couldn’t be much easier. Their ultra-tolerant nature and low-maintenance needs make a great strain for first-time growers.

Despite their low-growing difficulty, Northern Lights feminized seeds flourish into highly productive plants that produce immense yields. After less than eight weeks of easy-going growing, the bushy beauties reward you with a bounty of beautiful buds. High levels of THC and powerfully sedative effects keep Northern Lights sitting at the top of many Indica lovers’ favourites list.

This strain truly represents a case of maximum reward for minimum effort, so all we can say is, what are you waiting for? Head on over to Homegrown Cannabis Co. and order your Northern Lights feminized seeds today!

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