how to wear a bolo tie

How To Wear A Bolo Tie

A bolo tie is a necktie that originated in the American West during the 1940s. It consists of a cord or braided leather string with decorative metal tips held together by an ornamental clasp. The bolo tie is also known as a “bootlace tie” or “string tie” due to its unique design.

Western cowboys and rodeo riders first wore the bolo tie as a practical alternative to traditional neckties, which could easily get caught on equipment and pose safety hazards. Over time, the bolo tie became a popular fashion accessory among Native Americans and Southwesterners, who embraced it as a cultural symbol of their heritage.

Today, the bolo tie has evolved into a versatile fashion statement that can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion. It’s often paired with Western-style clothing like denim shirts and cowboy boots but can also be worn with more formal attire for an unexpected twist. To wear a bolo tie properly, loop the cord around your collar and fasten it with the clasp at chest level.

How to tie a bolo tie

First and foremost, start by positioning the bolo tie so it rests on your chest. Ensure that the decorative part of the tie is in front, with each end hanging evenly down to your belt. Then, take one end of the bolo tie and make a loop around your neck. It should be snug but not too tight or uncomfortable.

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Next, thread the other end of the bolo tie through the loop you created around your neck. Pull it tight enough so both ends hang evenly from either side of your necktie slide.

To secure everything in place, slide the necktie towards your knot until it sits comfortably against your collarbone.

The beauty of wearing a bolo tie is that it adds a touch of elegance without being fussy, like traditional ties. They are perfect for formal occasions or as an alternative to a regular necktie for work. Following these simple steps, you can rock this southwestern accessory like a pro!

How to wear a bolo tie with a suit

First, it is important to understand that the bolo tie originated in the American West and has since become a popular accessory for formal occasions. It is best to stick with a classic, solid-colour shirt to avoid clashing patterns when wearing a bolo tie with a suit. The bolo tie should be worn over the shirt’s top button and centred between the collar points.

When tying your bolo tie, there are various styles you can choose from depending on personal preference. One popular option is the classic “Western” style, where both ends of the cord are pulled through an ornamental clasp or slide and tightened to hold it in place. Another option is “the Hollywood,” which involves one end of the cord loop around itself before sliding through the other end and tightening.

Finally, remember that less is more when accessorizing with a bolo tie. Avoid overwhelming your outfit with too much additional jewelry or accessories, as this will detract from the statement piece that is your bolo tie. With these tips, you can confidently incorporate a stylish bolo tie into any suit ensemble.

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What are some tips for wearing a bolo tie?

First and foremost, choosing the fitting shirt for your bolo tie is important. A collared shirt with an open collar is the most common choice. It’s also crucial to ensure that your bolo tie is proportional to your body size so it doesn’t look too overwhelming or too small. When tying a bolo tie, ensure the knot is centered below the breastbone.

Next up, accessorize accordingly. If you want a casual look, pair your bolo tie with jeans and boots. Opt for slacks or dress pants and leather shoes for a dressier occasion. Remember that less is more regarding accessories – let the bolo tie be the statement piece.

Lastly, own it! Rocking a bolo tie takes confidence and attitude. Stand tall and proud of your unique style choice –fashion is about expressing yourself! With these tips, you’ll easily be able to sport a stylish bolo tie.

The four types of bolo ties:

The Western bolo tie is the most traditional type on the market. This classic piece features a braided leather cord and an ornate clasp or slide from silver, gold, or other metals. The Western bolo tie is perfect for everyday wear and pairs well with casual outfits such as jeans, boots, and plaid shirts.

Dress bolo ties are perfect for semi-formal occasions such as weddings, graduations, and other celebrations. They feature a more refined design than the traditional Western style with simple metal clasps, minimalist designs and elegant finishes such as mother-of-pearl or polished stone.

Opt for a formal bolo tie if you want something more traditional for black-tie events or weddings. These pieces usually feature intricate designs with crystals inlays or precious stones set in gold or platinum settings. They pair perfectly with tuxedos or dress suits.

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Finally, Wing-tip bolo ties are designed for men who want to make a bold statement with their outfit choices. These striking pieces feature intricate shapes crafted from metalwork that resembles eagle wings, adding character and flair to any ensemble – making it perfect for anyone looking to add some personality to their wardrobe!


What is a bolo tie?

A bolo tie, also known as a string tie or shoestring necktie, is a type of neckwear that consists of a cord or braided leather strip with decorative metal tips (called “bolo” or “bola”) and an ornamental clasp. It originated in the Western United States in the late 1940s and has since become a popular accessory for men and women.

How do you wear a bolo tie?

To wear a bolo tie, adjust the cord to your desired length by sliding the clasp up or down. Then, please put on your shirt and button it up. Next, place the decorative tips over each other at chest level before pulling them apart to tighten the cord around your neck. The clasp should sit just below your collarbone. You can leave it loose for a casual look or draw it for more formal occasions.

Can you wear a bolo tie with any outfit?

Although traditionally associated with Western attire, including cowboy hats and boots, bolo ties can be worn with various outfits to add flair to your style. They pair well with collared shirts of different colors and patterns, denim jackets, vests or even dresses for women. However, they may not be appropriate for formal events such as weddings or funerals, where traditional neckties are preferred.

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