Virtual Number

How to Use Virtual Number

Virtual phone number: routes all incoming calls in a certain order to other, specified phone numbers. It operates without the need for extra hardware or frequent SIM card switching and offers a common set of numbers for direct or mobile calls. Temporary number sms free is a convenient and very useful service.

Why do you need a virtual number?

A virtual number is needed for the same purposes as a regular SIM card, namely for making calls and receiving SMS. This number exists online and you can use it for different purposes:

  • enterprises using virtual numbers to cut the cost of communication and internet communication. Using virtual numbers, you may easily set up a full-fledged company network where calling inside the country is free and calling outside is profitable;
  • for sending SMS, use a temporary virtual phone number. for registering for popular services like social networks, instant messengers, and others. You can register a new account without using a second SIM card and get SMS messages containing verification codes thanks to it;
  • online SMS receiving can be primarily used to increase anonymity. The user can evade Internet surveillance by using virtual numbers.
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Benefits of a virtual phone number

The advantages of registering on the Internet using a temporary number are obvious even to the naked eye. It:

  • complete anonymity. After purchasing a virtual number, you do not need to provide your real contact details for registration on any Internet resource;
  • low cost. This authorization method is significantly cheaper than buying a starter package or a ready-made account;
  • service reliability. An account created using a virtual number will be fully functional. In addition, you do not have to worry that someone will take away your profile;
  • comfort for clients. The ability to separate personal and business accounts by simply creating a new account in Viber, WhatsApp or Facebook. To separate personal correspondence and work chats, you no longer need to
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