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How to Transform an Interior without Repair: 8 Ways

Thoughts about how to update the interior without repair knock into the heads of those who have lived in the same house for a long time, or those who have moved into a new apartment, but at a particular moment can not afford major changes. But something to change in such a situation is a must, otherwise, “Hello, moping and everything similar to it…” Let’s see what tricks will help to refresh the interior quickly, easily and without, or with minimal, capital investment.


It is one of the first and maybe even mandatory options to update your space. This method will be especially effective for those who are not too accustomed to order.

We are talking about “deep cleaning”: you need to wash the windows, clean the carpets and furniture, throw away unnecessary things, throw away things that have not been used for a long time or broken and not repaired for over a year, give away/sell/discard clothes that are not needed (small, big, torn, etc.).


If you combine this option with the previous one, then the effect will be doubled. Reshuffle is probably the most famous way to update the interior without repairing, and almost everyone uses it at least once, but used it How to do it correctly?

There are some recommendations for this:

  1. The less visible the closet, the better – in most cases, the closet, placed near the door, visually takes up less space. Exception: the presence of a niche in the room and the use of furniture with mirrored doors on the entire wall.
  2. In the bedroom, the central element – the bed, you can put it next to blank walls and near the windows, most importantly do not take up all the remaining space with lots of chairs, pouffes, tables.
  3. A “crowd” of furniture in the center of the room – is not the best option.
  4. Measuring tape to the rescue! Do not be lazy to measure first, whether some furniture will fit in the new place. “By eye” usually fits everything and everywhere, but in fact it turns out not so and you have to waste effort.
  5. If you’re constantly clinging to something with your clothes, hands, feet – move it. More than that, make it the number 1 goal. Even if visually the room will not change much, but you will definitely get the moral pleasure from such rearrangement.
  6. If you use sets, then try to combine them in a new way. Maybe the armchairs from the living room look cozier in the bedroom?
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How the light falls, what color it is, and whether there is a lot of it is very important to create a certain atmosphere in the room. Save a couple of big white candles for a festive or romantic dinner party (although just on a shelf they also look bright when “off”), but the rest of the light sources can be worked with.

A few tips:

  1. Look at the chandeliers – are they comfortable, do they fit the interior, or is it time to send them to the trash long ago? If you don’t like them, throw them away, donate them. If you do not have money for new ones – make them yourself, you can now find some interesting options for handmade chandeliers that look simple and interesting, and to create them you just need a ball, glue and thread.
  2. Sometimes you need to add rather than remove: a floor lamp, a sconce, just an interesting reading lamp.
  3. Garlands are fun all year round. They can be especially good to complement children’s rooms or the bedroom.
  4. Bulky window furniture, as well as unfortunate curtains, steal your light. Take a closer look at your furnishings and think maybe with more sunlight more coziness will come into your home.
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Keeping things organized will instantly enlarge the space:

  1. Buy some of the same boxes under things and sort them out. Ruffle boxes on shelves will look both neat and cute.
  2. Another option is to arrange items on shelves if you feel comfortable doing so and cover the shelf with a curtain.
  3. You can also use a curtain to zone the room. There is no soundproofing, but if you hide the work space in a corner of the room, it will seem that the bedroom is much more spacious and comfortable. The solution is simple and quite budget-friendly.


Flowers don’t just make your home cozy, they also purify the air. How can you use them to update the interior? There are a few options:

  1. Transplant your plants into new pots. You can use vases of one color or, on the contrary, all the colors of the rainbow, not bad look non-standard solutions: many options can be found on the expanses of the Internet.
  2. Rearrange the flowers. Maybe it’s time to make an original stand or take all the plants on the balcony, and maybe it is worth placing cacti next to each other, and the center of the table is still placed an orchid or a room rose – experiment and the results will please.
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The emphasis on one wall has been on trend for a couple of years now. It looks like a fresh solution, and implementing it is not difficult. Choose a contrasting color or vice versa the main (if the wallpaper is white and red, then make the wall red) and go: 20 minutes of work, and the effect is good.


As a continuation of the idea above, you can paint more than just the walls. True, you need to be careful with the ceiling: the white color is universal, but the wrong paint can make the entire room dark and unfriendly.


Especially successful refreshes the interior without repairing refurbished furniture, which has long needed to be put in order. You can choose different solutions:

  1. Simply from a spray can to cover with a new color.
  2. “Aging” the thing.
  3. Use the technique of decoupage to transfer an interesting pattern to the surface of the furniture.
  4. Give safe paints to kids to decorate a table or closet, and then cover all their artwork with varnish.
  5. Duct tape is one of the easiest options to update the appearance of furniture.
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