how to save in elden ring

How To Save In Elden Ring

One of the most important things to consider while playing Elden Ring is saving your progress. The game doesn’t have an autosave feature, so knowing how to save manually is essential. You can do this in different ways, such as using a bonfire or resting at a sanctuary.

Bonfires act as checkpoints in Elden Ring and are scattered throughout the game’s world. They allow players to rest and replenish their health and provide an option for saving their progress. Once you rest at a bonfire, your health is restored, and all enemies respawn, allowing you to continue your journey from that point if you die.

Sanctuaries are places where players can upgrade their stats and skills by using items called Stone Shards or Arcane Crystals. Like Bonfires, they also offer a way of saving progress by resting at them. However, unlike Bonfires, Sanctuaries are not found throughout the game world; instead, they must be discovered by exploring hidden areas and defeating bosses that guard them. In conclusion, there are multiple ways to save progress in Elden Ring; knowing when and how to use each can help players get through challenging portions of the game more efficiently while ensuring they don’t lose any unsaved progress.

How to save progress in video games

Playing video games is crucial to saving your progress to avoid losing all the hard work and effort put into completing various levels. In Elden Ring, saving is quite straightforward, and players can do this by interacting with the game’s save points. These saving points are scattered throughout the game’s world, and they appear as glowing orbs that players can interact with to save their progress.

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To access these saving points, you must first discover them by exploring different areas of the game’s world. Once you find a saving point, approach it and press the interaction button to activate it. The game will then automatically save your progress until that point. It is essential to note that not all areas have saving points, so be cautious when exploring new regions.

In conclusion, knowing how to save in Elden Ring is crucial to progress successfully in this exciting video game. Always be on the lookout for glowing orbs scattered across different locations as they serve as your ticket for saving your hard-earned progress in-game. Remember always to watch for these orbs at every turn since they might just become lifesavers during tough times!

How to save my game progress in Elden Ring?

Saving progress in Elden Ring is crucial for players who don’t want to lose their hard-earned progress. The game doesn’t have an automatic save feature, so players must do it manually. Two ways to save in Elden Ring: resting at a bonfire or using the “Quit Game” option.

Resting at a Bonfire is the most common way of saving your game progress in Elden Ring. Players can find bonfires worldwide and use them to rest and recover their health, stamina, and magic. When you rest at a bonfire, your game will automatically save all of your progress up to that point.

The second method uses the “Quit Game” option from the menu screen. This option will allow you to exit your current session and save your progress before closing the game entirely. It’s important to note that if you quit without saving or turn off your console without properly quitting, any unsaved progress will be lost forever! So make sure you always remember to either rest at a bonfire or use the “Quit Game” option before leaving Elden Ring for good!

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How often should I save my game?

Saving your game is one of the most critical aspects of playing any video game, and Elden Ring is no exception. Knowing how often you should save your progress is essential to avoid losing hours of gameplay due to a crash or accidental shutdown.

The frequency at which you should save your progress in Elden Ring depends on several factors. However, it would be best to save at every opportunity possible, such as after completing a quest or defeating an enemy. The game also auto-saves after certain events automatically, so keep an eye out for those.

However, it’s crucial to note that saving too frequently can also cause issues since there’s always a risk that the saved file may become corrupted. As such, it’s important to find a balance between saving too frequently and not enough – we recommend saving every half-hour unless something significant happens within the story.

In conclusion, while there isn’t an exact rule for how often players should save their game in Elden Ring; however, regular save intervals are highly recommended. Saving regularly will prevent potential data loss and ensure you can pick up where you left off without wasting any valuable time.

Tips and Tricks: How to get the most out of your money while playing Elden Ring.

Don’t Buy Unnecessary Items:

It’s easy to get carried away with all the exciting items and gear available in Elden Ring. However, it pays to be cautious with your spending. Ensure you only buy what you need to progress through the game. Don’t waste your hard-earned souls on items that won’t help you.

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Farm Smart:

Farming is essential to Elden Ring gameplay, especially when trying to level up or gather rare resources. But remember not to overdo it and waste time farming excessively in one area. Instead, farm efficiently by targeting areas where valuable resources are easily available.

Learn Skills and Abilities Wisely:

As you progress through the game, new skills and abilities become available for purchase from merchants or as rewards for completing quests. Consider carefully which ones will best suit your playstyle before investing too many souls into them.

Overall, being smart with your spending and resource management can help ensure a more successful and enjoyable experience playing Elden Ring while also ensuring you can save money!


How do I save my game progress in Elden Ring?

You can save your game progress by interacting with the bonfires throughout the game’s world. Approach a lit bonfire and press the “X” button (on PlayStation) or “A” button (on Xbox) to interact with it and trigger a save.

Can I manually save my game progress in Elden Ring?

Unfortunately, there is no manual way to save your progress in Elden Ring. Interacting with a bonfire is the only way to ensure your progress is saved. Keep this in mind as you explore the game’s vast world, and make frequent stops at nearby bonfires so you don’t lose any progress.

Will my progress be saved automatically if I quit the game without using a bonfire?

No, quitting the game without using a bonfire will result in lost progress. Always use a nearby bonfire before quitting Elden Ring if you want your progress to be saved.

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